5 Ways to Reuse Bubble Pack

Protect patio plants
Keep your outdoor container plants warm and protected from winter frost damage. Wrap each container with bubble pack and use duct tape or string to hold the wrap in place. Make sure the wrap extends a couple of inches above the lip of the container. The added insulation will keep the soil warm all winter long.

Keep cola cold
Wrap soft-drink cans with bubble pack to keep beverages refreshingly cold on hot summer days. Do the same for packages of frozen or chilled picnic foods. Wrap ice cream just before you leave for the picnic to help keep it firm en route.

Protect produce in the fridge
Line your refrigerator’s crisper drawer with bubble pack to prevent bruises to fruit and other produce. Cleanup will be easier, too — when the lining gets dirty, just throw it out and replace it with fresh bubble pack.

Cushion your work surface
When repairing delicate glass or china, cover the work surface with bubble pack to help prevent breakage.

Protect tools
Reduce wear and tear on your good-quality tools and extend their lives. Line your toolbox with bubble pack. Use duct tape to hold it in place.

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