6 Crafty and Clever Uses for Buttons

Decorate a dollhouse
Use buttons as sconces, plates, and wall hangings in a child’s dollhouse. The more variety, the better.

Beanbag filler
Use small buttons the next time you make beanbags and save the dried beans for the soup.

Make a necklace
String attractive buttons on two strands of heavy-duty thread or dental floss. Make an attractive design by alternating large and small buttons of various colors.

Decorate a Christmas tree
Give your Christmas tree an old-fashioned look. Make a garland by knotting large buttons on a sturdy length of string or dental floss.
Use as game pieces or poker chips
Don’t let lost pieces stop you from playing games like backgammon, bingo, or Parcheesi. Substitute buttons for the lost pieces and keep playing to your heart’s content. For an impromptu game of poker, use buttons as chips, with each color representing a different value.

Keep tape unstuck
You’re trying to wrap a present and you can’t find the end of the tape roll. Instead of scratching in frustration trying to find that elusive end every time you use the tape, stick a button on the end of the tape. As you use the tape, keep moving the button.

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