6 Uncanny Ways to Reuse a Candy Tin

Make an emergency sewing kit
A small candy tin is just the right size to hold a selection of needles, thread, and buttons in your purse or briefcase for on-the-spot repairs.

Store broken jewelry
Don’t lose all the little pieces of that broken jewelry you plan to have repaired someday. Keep the pieces together and safe in a small candy tin.

Prevent jewelry-chain tangles
Keep necklaces and chain bracelets separate and tangle-free in their own individual tins.

Keep earrings together
You are late for the party but you can only find one earring from the pair that matched your dress so nicely. To prevent pairs of small earrings from going their separate ways, store them together in a little candy tin and you’ll be right on time for the next party.

Make a birthday keepsake
Decorate the outside of a small candy tin, line it with felt or silk, and insert a penny or, if you can find one, a silver dollar from the birth year of your friend or loved one.

Organize your sewing gear
Use a small candy tin to store snaps, sequins, buttons, and beads in your sewing box. Label the lids or glue on a sample for easy identification of the contents.

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