Helpful Ways to Use Correction Fluid

Cover scratches on appliances
Daub small nicks on household appliances with correction fluid. Once it dries, cover your repair with clear nail polish for staying power. This works well on white china, too, but only for display. Now that correction fluid comes in a rainbow of colors, its uses go beyond white. You may easily find a match for your beige or yellow household stove or refrigerator.

Touch up a ceiling
Hide marks on white or beige ceilings with judiciously applied brush strokes of correction fluid. You can tone down the brightness, if you need to, by buffing the repaired area with a paper towel once it has dried.

Erase scuffs
Need a quick fix for scuffed white shoes? Correction fluid will camouflage the offensive marks. On leather, buff gently once the fluid dries. No need to buff on patent leather.

Paint the town
Decorate your windows for any occasion. Paint snowflakes, flowers, or Welcome Home signs using correction fluid. Later you can remove your art with nail polish remover, an ammonia solution, vinegar and water, or a commercial window cleaner. Or you can scrape it off with a single-edged razor blade in a holder made for removing paint from glass.

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