New Uses for Old Earrings

Use as a bulletin board tack
Lend a little personal style to your bulletin board. Use mateless pierced earrings to tack up pictures, notes, souvenirs, and clippings.

Create a brooch
Got a batch of mateless pierced earrings collecting dust in a box? Use wire cutters to snip off the stems and get creative: Arrange the earrings on a swatch of cardboard or foam core, and secure them with hot-melt glue. Add a pin backing and, voilà! a new brooch. Or use the same method to jazz up a plain picture frame.

Make a magnet
Give your fridge some glitz. Use wire cutters to cut the stem off an orphan earring and glue it to a magnet. What a great way to emphasize how pleased you are with that perfect report card when you stick it on the refrigerator.

Clip your scarf
Did you lose one of your very favorite earrings? Oh well, at least you can still work the survivor into an ensemble by using it to secure a scarf. Just tie the scarf as desired, then clip or pierce it with the earring.

Make an instant button
Oh, darn! You’re dressed to go out and you discover a button missing. No need to re-invent your whole outfit. Just dip into your collection of clip-on earrings. Clip the earring on the button side of the clothing to create a new “button,” then button as usual with the buttonhole. If you have time, move the top button on that favorite blouse to replace the lost one and then use the earring at the top of the blouse.

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