What Can You Clean With a Pencil Eraser?

Clean off crayon marks
Your toddler has gone wild with the crayons, but he drew on the walls and not on paper. You’ve tried everything to get it off, but not this: an eraser. Try “erasing” the crayon marks to get the wall back to a clean slate.

Remove scuff marks on vinyl floors
Those new shoes of your husband’s have left black streak marks all over the kitchen floor. An eraser will take them off in no time. Give him the eraser and have him do it.

Clean your piano keys
Whether it’s a baby grand piano that fills the corner of the living room, a more conventional upright, or just a fold-away electronic keyboard, cleaning the keys can be a nightmare project of dust and finger marks. And when you clean it, it’s hard to reach some spots to remove dirt. The sides of the black keys are especially difficult to clean. Find an eraser that fits between the ivories and the black keys and you’ll have 86’ed the dirt on the 88s. This works well whether you have a piano with real ivory keys or the more common plastic ones.

Cushion picture frames
Don’t you hate it when that heavy mirror or picture frame gets slightly crooked? Tired of worrying about the black marks and scrapes the frame is making on the wall? Glue erasers to the bottom corners of the frame. The pictures will now hang straighter and not leave their mark.

Remove residue from stick-on labels
That gray gummy substance on the new picture frame you just purchased is a sight to behold and not coming off with plain soap and water. Rub the residue with an eraser and watch the stuff just peel away.

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