Fantastic Uses for Fabric Softener Sheets

Pick up pet hair
Pet hair can get a pretty tenacious grip on furniture and clothing. But a used fabric softener sheet will suck that fur right off the fabric with a couple of swipes. Just toss the fuzzy wipe into the trash.

End car odors
Has that new-car smell gradually turned into that old-car stench? Tuck a new dryer fabric softener sheet under each car seat to counteract musty odors and cigarette smells.

Lift burned-on casserole residue
Those sheets will soften more than fabric. The next time food gets burned onto your casserole dish, save the elbow grease. Instead fill the dish with hot water and toss in three or four used softener sheets. Soak overnight, remove the sheets, and you’ll have no trouble washing away the residue. Be sure to rinse well.

Freshen drawers
There’s no need to buy scented drawer-liner paper; give your dresser drawers a fresh-air fragrance by tucking a new dryer fabric softener sheet under existing drawer liners, or tape one to the back of each drawer.

Wipe soap scum from shower door
Tired of scrubbing scummy shower doors? It’s easy to wipe the soap scum away with a used dryer fabric softener sheet.

Repel dust from electrical appliances
Because television and PC screens are electrically charged, they actually attract dust, making dusting them a never-ending chore, but not if you dust them with used dryer softener sheets. These sheets are designed to reduce static cling, so they remove the dust, and keep it from resettling for several days or more.

Do away with doggy odor
If your best friend comes in from the rain and smells like a …well …wet dog, wipe him down with a used dryer softener sheet, and he’ll smell as fresh as a daisy. There’s still plenty of life left in used dryer fabric softener sheets. Toss one into the bottom of a laundry hamper or wastebasket to counteract odors.

Tame locker-room and sneaker smells
Deodorizing sneakers and gym bags calls for strong stuff. Tuck a new dryer fabric softener sheet into each sneaker and leave overnight to neutralize odors (just remember to pull them out before wearing the sneaks). Drop a dryer sheet into the bottom of a gym bag and leave it there until your nose lets you know it’s time to renew it.

Prevent musty odors in suitcases
Place a single, unused dryer fabric softener sheet into an empty suitcase or other piece of luggage before storing. The bag will smell great the next time you use it.

Buff chrome to a brilliant shine
After chrome is cleaned, it can still look streaky and dull, but whether it’s your toaster or your hubcaps, you can easily buff up the shine with a used dryer softener sheet.

Use an inconspicuous air freshener
Don’t spend hard-earned money on those plug-in air fresheners. Just tuck a few sheets of dryer fabric softener into closets, behind curtains, and under chairs.

Do away with static cling
You’ll never be embarrassed by static cling again if you keep a used fabric softener sheet in your purse or dresser drawer. When faced with static, dampen the sheet and rub it over your pantyhose to put an end to clinging skirts.

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Keep dust off blinds
Cleaning venetian blinds is a tedious chore, so make the results last by wiping them down with a used dryer fabric softener sheet to repel dust. Wipe them with another sheet whenever the effect wears off.

Renew grubby stuffed toys
Wash fake-fur stuffed animals in the washing machine set on gentle cycle, then put the stuffed animals into the clothes dryer along with a pair of old tennis shoes and a fabric softener sheet, and they will come out fluffy and silky-soft.

Substitute a dryer sheet for a tack cloth
Sticky tack cloths are designed to pick up all traces of sawdust on a woodworking project before you paint or varnish it, but they are expensive and not always easy to find at the hardware store. If you find yourself in the middle of a project without a tack cloth, substitute an unused dryer fabric softener sheet; it will attract sawdust and hold it like a magnet.

Consolidate sheets and make them smell pretty
To improve sheet storage, store the sheet set in one of the matching pillowcases, and tuck a new dryer fabric softener sheet into the packet for a fresh fragrance.

Abolish tangled sewing thread
To put an end to tangled thread, keep an unused dryer fabric softener sheet in your sewing kit. After threading the needle, insert it into the sheet and pull all of the thread through to give it a nonstick coating.

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