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Turn your outdoor space into an oasis with picture-perfect flowers and vegetables—and all the tips you’ll need to make them flourish. Worried that you have a brown thumb? You won’t by the time we get through with you!

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How to Revive a Dead or Dying Plant: 10 Simple Steps

Appearances can be deceiving, so even if a plant looks dead, it doesn't mean that it is. Try these expert gardening tricks to revive your precious plant instead of tossing it.

Here’s How to Change the Color of Your Hydrangeas

If your hydrangea blooms are pink instead of blue—or vice versa—there's a way to get the color you want. Here's...

How to Hard Prune a Tree

Keep your fruit trees healthy and thriving.

How to Grow Garlic in Your Organic Garden

No need to run to the store, grow garlic in your own garden.

How to Plant a Cherry Tree

Cherry trees are so beautiful when they are in bloom that they are an ideal choice if you want a...

How to Plan Low-Maintenance Care of Paths

Pathways liven up a garden, and with these tricks they'll be easy to maintain.

How to Create Your Own Landscape Design

You can learn how to use the same programs the professionals use.

How to Install a Pebble Fountain in a Container

Spruce up your garden with a bit of watery flair.