How to Grow Herbs in Any Environment

Fresh herbs can transform an OK meal into an “Oh, wow!” one. And they’re amazingly easy to grow. Whether you have a garden, a terrace, or simply a sunny windowsill, you have all the space you need to cultivate an herb garden. Here’s how:

Raised Bed Herb Garden
If you have the space in your lawn or garden, herbs grow exceptionally well in raised beds, which keep soil warm and allow water to drain with ease. Raised beds are simple to build and can also be ordered online, or purchased from your local garden or home improvement store. Place the beds in a sunny spot and fill them with nutrient-rich soil and a layer of compost for healthy, robust herbs in no time.

Container Herb Garden
As long as they have enough sun (the rule of thumb is at least six hours per day), herbs can grow pretty much anywhere—and in anything. Antique wooden or metal troughs make for especially charming herb gardens, but recycled plastic buckets and even retrofitted old tires will also do the trick. Whatever container you choose, be sure to allow for drainage by drilling or cutting holes in the bottom and/or sides.

Window Box Herb Garden
There’s nothing better than having fresh herbs at arm’s reach when you’re preparing a meal. A window box makes an excellent kitchen garden whether hanging beneath your window or on your terrace railing. Fill it with the herbs you use the most and keep a pair of shears nearby for snipping off whatever a recipe calls for.

Flower Pot Herb Garden
So you don’t have a terrace or a window box—as long as you have a windowsill or even a sunny table or countertop, an herb garden can be yours (outdoors or in). If you have the surface area, fill a large pot with several different herbs, or plant them individually in smaller pots. Make sure the pots allow for drainage and the nearest window gets at least six hours of sunlight.

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