How to Make a Scarecrow

scarecrow craft© Home Made, Best Made
Even if this mock farmer doesn’t frighten the birds, he’s guaranteed to make the neighbors smile!

Tip: Decorate your scarecrow’s clothes and hat before putting them on. Spoons, cloth patches and decorative stitching make amusing embellishments.

What you’ll need:

  • Six-foot garden stake (upright)
  • Five to 14-foot garden stake or an old rake or spade (for the arms)
  • Screw (to go through two stakes)
  • Burlap bag
  • StrawTie wire (20 or 18 gauge)
  • Assorted clothes and accessories
  • Fabric glue
  • Needle and thread
  • Electric drill, screwdriver, scissors, pliers and hammer

Get started. Lay the longer stake on the ground and center the shorter one (or rake or spade) on it one foot from the top. Drill a hole for the screw that will hold them together and fasten the screw through the stakes.

Head first. Put the bag over the top of the long stake; cut the bag to a suitable size for the head. Stuff it with straw, fastening it at the neck with wire.

Create a face on the head. Glue on a piece of felt for a mouth, sew on buttons for teeth, and attach pieces of plastic with wire for the eyes. Glue on straw for hair before wiring the hat to the head.

Dress up your scarecrow. Put a shirt on the frame and fill with straw, and knot the bottom of the shirt to hold straw in. Make a hole in the overalls for the stake to pass through. Put the overalls on the scarecrow and stuff them with straw.

Safe and secure. Hammer the stake into the ground in the center of the garden.

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