How to Plan Low-Maintenance Care of Paths


    If you want to maintain a pathway that doesn’t provide too much hassle, keep these tips in mind.

  • 1.

    Build path edges made from bricks,

    logs, or treated timber (old railway sleepers work well), to prevent garden soil from falling onto a path or to stop pathway gravel from making its way into garden beds.

  • 2.

    Before building a pathway,

    lay a weed mat between the borders of the path to prevent weeds from emerging, then cover it with about two centimeters of gravel. This will save you several weeding sessions a year.

  • 3.

    Keep shady paths safe

    by treating them with an anti-moss solution once a year. If possible, remove overhanging branches and install drains to remove or redirect water so that paths stay as dry as possible.

  • 4.

    Dress up the edges of your pathways

    using clumps of sprawling ground-cover perennials, which are great for breaking up angular lines and providing a flash of color throughout the year.

  • 5.

    Choose small perennial or herbaceous plants

    that flower or look good for a long time without needing any special care, such as liriope, lomandra, or mondo grass. All you have to do is trim them back if they become too invasive.

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