Gardening & Landscaping

Turn your outdoor space into an oasis with picture-perfect flowers and vegetables—and all the tips you’ll need to make them flourish. Worried that you have a brown thumb? You won’t by the time we get through with you!

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    Identify and Take Care of Poisonous Plants

    Learn how to keep these poisonous plants out of your garden.

    4 Ways of Looking at a Garden

    There are many ways to design a garden.

    How to Grow a Chemical-Free Garden

    No pesticides needed here.

    5 Health Benefits of Gardening

    When parenting two teens sends stress levels soaring, Janet Jemmott, 44, of Kent Cliffs, New York, makes a beeline for...

    How to Make Plant and Garden Stakes

    Pantyhose Give your young plants and trees the support they need. Use strips of pantyhose to attach them to your

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    Home and Garden Uses for Ladders

    Make display shelving Convert a short wooden stepladder to shelving for displaying plants and collectibles. It’s as easy as one,

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    Lawn and Garden Uses for Chicken Wire

    Repel deer Are the deer tearing up your garden again? Here’s a simple method to keep them away: Stake chicken

    Yogurt’s Garden and Health Benefits

    Sure, yogurt's good for your body, but you'll never guess what else it can do!

    Money-Saving Ideas for Plant and Flower Food

    Grow healthy plants and flowers with these gardening remedies.

    4 Solutions for Repelling Deer

    Keep deer off your lawn and out of your garden with these tricks.

    Garden Tools: A Safety Primer

    How to keep yourself safe and maintain your gardening tools.

    Grow New Plants From Seeds

    All it takes is a little nurturing.

    How to Grow Biennials

    Keep your garden flourishing with these tricks.

    Make Your Own Container Garden

    Whether you live in an apartment, want to dress up your home's entry or have a space to fill in...

    Turn Your Shed Into a Garden Center

    How you organize your shed can have a huge impact on your efficiency.

    Common Lawn Problems

    Even the most carpet-like lawn can develop problems. If your lawn isn't healthy and you can't diagnose the trouble, dig...

    11 Best Tips for Growing Roses

    A colorful and thriving rose garden is just within reach.

    How to Attract Butterflies to Your Garden

    How to attract butterflies to your garden.

    How to Attract Birds To Your Yard

    Bring the birds to your abode!

    4 Ways to Maintain Garden Tools

    How to keep your gardening tools in tip-top shape.

    How to Choose Plants for Your Garden

    Choose a variety of plants to form an ensemble, rather than buying piece-meal and hoping that they will look good...

    Choose and Use the Right Herbs

    Choose the right herbs for the flavor you want.

    Basic Gardening Tools

    Everything you need to tend your garden.

    Choosing Grass

    Not sure what kind of grass to use? This guide can help.

    Lawn-Care Basics

    With these tips you'll have the best lawn on the block.

    Picking the Best Garden Hose

    A guide to selecting the best garden hose for your needs.

    Accessories for the Yard that Beautify Your Property

    The right equipment will keep your lawn looking healthy and neat. In addition to a good mower, your basic lawn-care...