How to Keep a Lawn Lovely

Use these maintenance tips from the people who keep golf course greens looking pristine:

• Lawns mown in the same direction every time develop stripes that may grow back irregularly. Alternate mowing one way across the lawn the first time and then at right angles to this direction the next time. If you are really keen, follow the diagonals, too.

• For the best cut, mow in mid to late morning, when it’s cool but the morning dew has dried off.

• Don’t rush mowing, because you may miss spots.

• Using a sit-on mower, keep the mower at a medium speed. Throttle down to lower speeds when turning corners and trimming borders for a closer cut.

• For a healthy lawn, never remove more than a third of the grass blade at one time.

• Grass no less than 1-inch high usually looks better, encourages a deeper root system and helps to prevent weeds and moss from invading.

• Sharp lawnmower blades help to create a well-manicured lawn, and cleaner cuts promote healthier grass. Use a metal file or a grinding wheel to sharpen the blade, maintaining the blade-surface angle that came from the manufacturer.

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