How to Transform Your House Into a Haunted House

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Trying to make fun plans for the kids for Halloween night? Create fun right in your own home by transforming it into a haunted house. Here are 6 simple steps that can turn your house into the scariest place in town.

1.    Pick a location.

The scares don’t always have to happen in your living room; if the basement or backyard is more suitable, set up there instead. Pick a safe, open space and draw up a floor plan of how the finished product should look.

2.    Set a budget.

Last-minute props and special effects can add up quickly. Before you begin shopping, think about how much you want to spend on things like decorations and music.

3.    Make it dark.

Keep your haunted house dramatic by covering the windows with trash bags or dark blankets. The darkness will keep your guests tense and engaged throughout the night.

4.    Create an atmosphere.

You can enhance your haunted house with many special effects — hang spider webs made of wet string, use dry ice to create a smoky cauldron effect, or play eerie background music throughout the house.

5.    Keep your audience in mind.

Your haunted house may end up being too scary for young children. Set an age limit for your attraction, or have a few adults participate with you. They can keep an eye on children and direct them to less frightening areas.

6.    Advertise.

Get the word out at the beginning of the month, when most guests will still have their calendars wide open. You can send out spooky invitations, or simply hang signs around town.

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