25 Secrets Your Plumber Won’t Tell You

Plumbers give us the scoop on the main culprit for clogged pipes, tips on do-it-yourself fixes, and more!

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If you need a recommendation, call a plumbing-supply or fixture store


They don’t tolerate bad plumbers, so you know they'll send you to the best of the best.

Monday is our busiest day


That’s the day wives call us to correct the “work” their husbands did over the weekend. Whatever you do, don't let your significant other attempt these home improvement projects you should never DIY.

A burst washing machine hose is a top homeowner-insurance claim

iStock/Bjoern Meyer

I’d replace those flimsy rubber hoses with stainless steel ones. That way, you only need to worry about these other laundry mistakes that could ruin your next load of wash.

No bricks in the toilet tank


Some allege that putting a brick in the toilet tank can save water, but doing that can keep your toilet from flushing correctly. Liquid drain cleaners are also bad news—they eat away at the pipes. Try a plunger or, better yet, a $30 auger. Don't have either? Here's how to unclog a toilet without a plunger.

Know where the main turnoff source is


I can’t tell you how many calls I get from people screaming and crying that their house is flooding and they don’t know what to do. The location of the main turnoff source is one of the 35 things every homeowner should know to save money and prevent big screw-ups.

Watch out for long or shedding hair


If you’ve got a Rapunzel at home (or even a rapidly balding man), buy a drain strainer or a hair snare or tell her to use a paper towel to clear the drain. Soap can gum up the pipes, too, so use as little of that as you can.

Don't use "flushable" wipes

iStock/ İsmail Çiydem

Those “flushable” baby wipes are one of the main culprits for clogging pipes. They don’t break down the way toilet paper does. But that doesn't mean you can't take advantage of these extraordinary uses for baby wipes—just toss them in the trash instead.

When it comes to pay...


Pay me by the job, not by the hour.

We might, if you ask


Yes, it’s against the rules to remove flow inhibitors from your showerheads, but some of us will do it if you ask.

I'm a plumber


I’m not a babysitter, a mover, or an auto mechanic. Don’t ask for advice on thing that aren't in my job description. However, we'll help you out this one time. Here's what your babysitter really thinks about you, how moving companies try to scam you, and things your car mechanic won't tell you.

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