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15 Essential Products for People Who Hate Bugs

It's time to tell those unwanted bugs to bug off once and for all!


Bug zapper racket

If you get bizarre satisfaction out of a classic fly swatter, you're going to want to get your hands on this bad boy. This electric zapper allows you to catch bugs mid-flight, offering a large surface and handy LED light that's ideal for use at night. Contrary to popular opinion, these often-tried remedies won't ward off mosquitoes.

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Bug-off instant screen

Keep pesky bugs from infiltrating your home with this instant screen. It's a great option if you want to keep your front door open to let the cool air come in but don't have a screen door. You'll finally be able to enjoy your home in peace without those swarming black flies landing on you and your food every chance they get! Learn how to spot the warning signs of home infestation.

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Bug-A-Salt gun

Kids and adults alike will get great joy out of using this plastic gun to eliminate pesky bugs! The shotgun works by shooting a spray of regular table salt to decimate flies on contact.

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Pest control lantern

If you'd prefer to be more hands-off with your bug killing, you might like this product. The bug zapper's bulb distributes Blu-ray. Because pests are attracted to a light source, particularly blue and purple light, they will rush to this bulb. The high-voltage grill around the outside of the bulb ensures that when a bug touches it, it will be killed instantly! You may be surprised by which of these house bugs are actually helpful and which are downright dangerous.

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big bag fly trapvia

Non-toxic Big Bag fly trap

If you'd prefer not to deal with dead bugs, this fly trap is for you. The design eliminates touching the bait or the bugs; is disposable and environmentally safe; and has no chemicals, no mess, and no sticky paper to deal with.

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Hot Shot no-pest strip

Clean, odorless, deep-penetrating vapor is distributed throughout this strip that can be hung up in garages, sheds, storage units, attics, and crawl spaces, as long as they're occupied by people for less than four hours per day. Just remove from the package to begin! Check out these 14 exterminator horror stories that will make your skin crawl.

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Ultrasonic pest repeller

Plug this repeller into an outlet and prepare to be amazed. Providing coverage for up to 800 to 1,300 square feet, it keeps away mice, rats, cockroaches, ants, bugs, spiders, mosquitoes, flies, fleas, and more annoying pests. It uses advanced ultrasonic technology waves to repel the pests. Amazon reviewers say the product is worth the purchase. "I found quite a lot of cockroaches and ants around my house recently, and I started searching different ultrasonic pest repellers online," one reviewer says. "I tried this brand and it works very well. I put one in my bedroom and the other one in my garden. So far I don't see any more cockroaches and ants."

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Supernova bug trap

Having bugs swirling around your kitchen is just infuriating! It's also very unappetizing. Keep the pests away with this product. It works best for catching gnats, fruit flies, and mosquitoes, with the UV light luring them in, the fan keeping them in, and the super sticky glue boards making sure they never escape.

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powder dustervia

Diatomaceous earth powder duster

The reviews for this product say it all. In fact, one Amazon reviewer perfectly explains the abilities of the duster! "Works great mechanically. Remove yellow cap. Scoop in diatomaceous earth. Hold with yellow cap down. Poof along where the rug meets the walls and under the bed and under the stove, etc. You can even poof into the air and then close the room door and let the fine white dust settle. Takes awhile to work. You have to be consistent and do this every week or so. Gradually the bugs begin disappearing. Then you have to keep doing it, because their eggs hatch. Finally, in six months or so, the project is finished (at least as far as we can see so far)." You may also like these 11 strategies for DIY pest control.

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Talstar Professional bug killer

Everything from spiders, mosquitoes, cockroaches, ticks, and fleas to pill bugs, chinch bugs, earwigs, and millipedes can be controlled with this product when it's diluted and dispensed with a sprayer. The multi-insecticide with bifenthrin is one of the most trusted and widely-used insecticides by pest control professionals today, and Amazon reviewers praise it!

One reviewer said: "I have to literally sweep thousands of bodies of bugs off of the back patio, and my house has not one single insect on it. No webs, either. I can keep the backyard light on for my dog when he relieves himself and they won't even go anywhere near the light. I'd like to think what happened will be known as The Bugpocalypse. When bugs terrorizing other people hear about it they will spread the legend. The legend will strike fear into other bugs and they will not mess with 1708. Only the bravest of the brave, the largest of the large, the nastiest of the nasty insects will migrate here to continue the fight. And I hope they do come." (Okay, they might be overstating it a little.) Here are 10 chemical-free ways to get rid of household pests.

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