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10 Unbelievable Events Homeowners Insurance Actually Covers

Homeowners insurance can be a lifesaver when unforeseen events occur, but it's amazing what else homeowners insurance coverage can do.

airplane bathroomKathKatherine Welles/Shutterstock

Blue ice

Never heard of blue ice? You may want to forget you heard about it after learning what it is. Blue ice is a nicer term for the chunks of frozen toilet waste that occasionally falls from airplanes. An open perils policy typically covers things that fall from the sky.


Rotten eggs

Food spoiled during a power outage is typically covered by a homeowners insurance policy, usually around $500.

volcano lavaBumble Dee/Shutterstock

Volcano eruptions

Natural disasters like a volcano eruption can be covered under open perils, but some natural disasters like earthquakes need separate coverage. Make sure you know these six insurance policies that just aren't worth the money.

headstonesMarc Bruxelle/Shutterstock


If headstones get damaged by someone tipping them over, homeowners insurance will pick up the cost to repair or replace if you’re the primary caretaker.

crime sceneStocked House Studio/Shutterstock

Deaths in the home

If a murder, suicide, or a death happens in the home, many homeowners insurance policies will pick up the cost of the cleanup. These are the secrets your health insurance company is keeping from you.

Dog paw with pink sapphire engagement ring. Calgary, Alberta, Canada.Brett Holmes/Shutterstock

Digested diamonds

The dog that slobbers over a tennis ball might actually have expensive tastes. A Florida lawyer represented a client whose dog had eaten its owner's jewelry. The insurance company wanted to purchase the dog in an attempt to retrieve the jewelry, claiming the dog with the jewelry was salvage, like a car. But the dog stayed put and the company paid for the lost jewelry. Find out what you need to know before getting pet insurance.

weddingMatt Antonino/Shutterstock

Rain on a wedding day

You don’t expect rain on a wedding day set in your backyard, but if something quirky happens like a tornado or big storm, and the event needs to be relocated, homeowners insurance could pick up the cost with moving the big day’s events.



O.J. Simpson’s homeowners insurance covered his $2 million legal bill for his civil trial in the case of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman’s deaths. Umbrella coverage usually extends to defamation and wrongful death cases. Bill Clinton used umbrella coverage as part of the Paula Jones’ sexual harassment suit as well.

Bison herd stampede on roadSteve Boice/Shutterstock


If a thundering herd of wildebeests are stirring up a cloud of dust toward your home, fret not about the replacement of destroyed objects in your home. Homeowners insurance will typically cover damage caused by wild animals.

Bumble Dee/Shutterstock

Riot or civil commotion

You’re happy that your team won the Super Bowl but maybe your some of your property didn’t make it through the ensuing party that broke out up and down your street. Just hope things stay civil enough that a war doesn’t break out. Homeowners insurance doesn’t cover damage related to nuclear, biological, chemical, or radiological attacks, according to the Insurance Information Institute. Next, check out these 15 seriously bizarre excuses made for car insurance claims.

Originally Published on The Family Handyman