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19 Home Inspector Nightmares You Have to See to Believe

Welcome to the surreal world of home inspectors and their horror stories. Mystery and danger await your perusal!

Home-Inspector-Nightmares-You-Have-to-See-to-BelieveCourtesy Structure Tech

Fancy access panel to nothing

Maybe it used to serve a function before they walled it off? Actually, we think it was a plumbing access panel.
sinkCourtesy Structure Tech

3-way switches

Cleverly positioned 3-way switches for you want to control the same light with your left and right hand at the same time. Or maybe this guy wants to turn the lights off when sitting on the toilet perhaps?
mouse-trapsCourtesy Structure Tech

Mouse Apocalypse

Picture yourself as a mouse with your honey out for an evening stroll… Quality mousetrap placement is the key—not quantity. Here are more of the craziest things home inspectors have found in people's homes.
tubCourtesy Structure Tech

Strange brew

Maybe it’s time for a water quality test. Or maybe it’s time to look into water softeners.

ventCourtesy Structure Tech

Blocked vent?

Guess it’s OK if you block it with cardboard.

Home-Inspector-Nightmares-You-Have-to-See-to-BelieveCourtesy Structure Tech

Look closely

And you’ll see a very conveniently located outlet right where it’s needed. Whoever did this needs to read up on the home improvement projects you should never attempt to DIY.
Home-Inspector-Nightmares-You-Have-to-See-to-BelieveCourtesy Structure Tech

Honey, let’s have a block party?

Yep, let’s have over a couple of dozen neighbors for a really fun evening. Or tear off this disaster waiting to happen and build a deck properly.
Home-Inspector-Nightmares-You-Have-to-See-to-BelieveCourtesy Structure Tech

Plywood window well

Well I hope it’s at least treated plywood. There are very rigorous standards when it comes to building egress window wells. Read up on these home renovations you're likely to regret later.
BreakersCourtesy Structure Tech

Breaker panel convenience

What a good idea. Just move all the paper towels, soaps, and potions out of the way and you’ll have instant access to your breaker panel.
Home-Inspector-Nightmares-You-Have-to-See-to-BelieveCourtesy Structure Tech

Shopping notes

Wonder why a shorter water heater would help? (Could of put the writing backwards on his forehead too.) At least he'll have a convenient reminder when it comes time for a new water heater. These are things smart homeowners do once a year.
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Originally Published on The Family Handyman