19 Genius Uses for Ice Cubes You Had No Clue About

They're good for much more than just chilling your drink.

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Water hanging plants and Christmas trees


If you’re constantly reaching for the step stool to water hard-to-reach hanging plants, ice cubes can help. Just toss several cubes into the pots. The ice melts and waters the plants and does it without causing a sudden downpour from the drain hole. This is also a good way to water your Christmas tree, whose base may be hard to reach with a watering can. (Related: You also need these hacks for healthy houseplants.)

Soothe plucked eyebrows


Giving your eyebrows a good tweeze will make them look fabulous, but can definitely cause pain and redness. (Related: These eyebrow grooming tips can change your appearance.) Use an ice cube to ease the pain and any red inflammation before putting on makeup or going out.

Remove dents in carpeting


If you’ve recently rearranged the furniture in your living room, you know that heavy pieces can leave ugly indents in your carpet. Use ice cubes to remove them. Put an ice cube, for example, on the spot where the chair leg stood. Let it melt, then brush up the dent. Rug rehab completed.

Prevent stains from setting


The common advice you hear is to dab some water the second you splatter something on yourself, but ice cubes work even more effectively. The next time you need to prevent a stain from setting, rub the spot as soon as it happens with an ice cube.

Smooth caulk seams


You’re caulking around the bathtub, but the sticky caulk compound keeps adhering to your finger as you try to smooth it. If you don’t do something about it, the finished job will look pretty awful. Solve the problem by running an ice cube along the caulk line. This forms the caulk into a nice even bead and the caulk will never stick to the ice cube.

Help iron out wrinkles


So your ready-to-wear shirt is full of wrinkles and there’s no time to wash it again. Turn on the iron and wrap an ice cube in a soft cloth. Rub over the wrinkle just before you iron and the shirt will smooth out. Or try these other ways to de-wrinkle clothes without an iron.

Use as an eye mask

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Sometimes a bad night's sleep or even an allergic reaction can cause your eyes to be puffy. To reduce any eye puffiness, wrap an ice cube in a rag and place it on your eyes for a few minutes.

Mask the taste of medicine


No matter what flavor your local pharmacist offers in children’s medicine, kids can still turn up their noses at the taste. Have them suck on an ice cube before taking the medicine. This numbs the taste buds and allows the medicine to go down, without the spoonful of sugar.

Clean vases and bottles

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Vases and bottles with slender necks can be hard to give a good clean because your hand or sponge won’t fit. The next time you find yourself having to clean one, toss in a few ice cubes and ¼ cup of salt and swish around vigorously to give it a good clean.

Pluck a splinter


Parental challenge #573: removing a splinter from the hand of a screaming, squirming toddler. Before you start jabbing with that needle, grab an ice cube and numb the area. This should make splinter removal more painless and quicker.

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