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Do you live in the Nicest Place in America?

Ice cream, anyone?

28-Corey-Cahill-Homemade-UrnialCourtesy Structure Tech

The cheapest, easiest-to-install, urinal on the planet. And no water supply lines required. But next time maybe you should read up on how to plumb a basement bathroom.

Photo: Courtesy of Structure Tech

Leaking fill valve repair

29-Leaking-fill-valve-repairCourtesy Structure Tech

Once Warren caught the recycle/re-use bug, he just couldn’t stop. Even going to the extent of breaking the fill valve on his toilet for a chance to re-use this plastic container. Might be even smarter to replace the fill valve with a new kit.

Photo: Courtesy of Structure Tech

Plumbing Diverticulosis

30-Corrugated-drainsCourtesy Structure Tech

Just because pipes come in all kinds of different shapes doesn’t mean you need to use them all on one job.

Photo: Courtesy of Structure Tech

Which problem solver would you choose?

31-Corner-ToiletCourtesy Structure Tech

There are always options when it comes to buying a toilet—some better than others.

Photo: Courtesy of Structure Tech

Stick shift toilet

32-Old-toilet-2Courtesy Structure Tech

So, I sit backwards, project my video game on the tank, and use the flusher as a joystick. Might be time to replace this old beauty.

Photo: Courtesy of Structure Tech

The Plumber’s Solution

33-fh17may_578_53_r07Courtesy Structure Tech

This is all too common. The carpenters carelessly placed a floor joist directly under a shower that’s clearly marked on the house plans. And then a plumber goes nuts with a reciprocating saw. If you have manufactured I-joists, never, ever cut the top or bottom flanges!

Photo: Courtesy of Structure Tech

Duct Tape Wall

34-Duct-tape-wallCourtesy Structure Tech

This tile was undoubtedly installed over greenboard instead of cement board and is completely falling apart. Regrouting isn’t an option. To avoid more disasters, make sure you never, ever pour these things down the drain.

Photo: Courtesy of Structure Tech

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