Tips for Planning A Patio

The easiest patio to lay and maintain is one made with dry-laid bricks or pavers. Because these are laid in sand and are set without mortar, they go through freeze-and-thaw cycles without cracking. Flagstones laid directly into well-tamped soil or sand make an attractive, more natural-looking patio, for low-growing plants or moss eventually grow between the joints.

Planning a patio is similar to planning a deck. Some more tips:

How much space do you need? Experts recommend a minimum of 25 square feet of patio per person and a minimum length of 16 feet. You need at least a 6 x 6 foot area out of any traffic path for a dining table and chairs.

How will you be using the patio? Do you want space for a grill? Lounge chairs? Planters?

Use a garden hose to plan a curve or an irregular shape. Lay the hose on the ground and adjust the shape.

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