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15 Under $30 Amazon Finds That Turn Your Home Into a Haunted House

Snag these killer decorations that will take your house from homey to haunted—without costing a horrific amount of money.

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Ghostly portraits

Frighten unsuspecting guests by nestling this black-framed photo amid other family photos. From one angle, people see a vintage black-and-white photo of a young girl. But view it from another angle and her sweet face turns demonic. For more frightfully good ideas, check out these 30 cheap Halloween DIY decorations for the spookiest holiday ever.

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Spooky spiderweb

Cast an eerie nighttime glow over your home with a luminous stretchy spiderweb that's covered with spiders. Durable and weatherproof, the web can be hung outdoors, stretched above a front door or across an archway. It looks equally scary indoors, where you can increase the fear factor by stretching it over a reflective surface, like a mirror. Drape the rest of the furniture in white sheets, and your haunted house is ready for guests.

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Eerie eyeballs

Transform that autumnal door wreath or a faux-flower centerpiece into an unnerving decoration with these eyeballs that always look like they're following you. Simply stick one into the center of each flower bloom, then sit back and watch people freak out. And for the little monsters in the house, don't miss these easy Halloween crafts your kid will love to make.

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Creepy corpse

The last thing guests expect when they open the closet door to stash their coats is a cocooned corpse to greet them. Just wait for the screams. Perhaps even better, there's no DIY involved here; just buy the 72-inch decoration, hang it, and you're done. In December, turn to Amazon for great gifts for anyone on your list.

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Otherworldly eyes

The eyes are the windows to the soul—but in this case a soul-eating monster. Apply these removable and reusable glow-in-the-dark stickers around the house in unexpected places, such as bathroom mirrors. Or stick them on a background of cardboard and hang them outside in the trees and bushes. The cardboard tube from a roll of paper towels is perfect; now tuck it within the foliage. Why do we love being spooked so much? Find out why we celebrate Halloween in the first place.

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Bloody stains

Turn your guest bathroom into a gruesome crime scene with strategically placed "bloody" footprints. For added effect, stretch a length of crime-scene tape across the doorway. When the party is over, snip the tape, peel off the stickers, and store them all away for another year. No muss, no fuss...even though it sure looked like it.

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Severed-finger soap

No need to call a doctor—or a forensic investigator—these artfully displayed fingers are actually bits of soap, making them functional and frightening. Arrange a few bars of decorative hand soap in your soap dish, then artfully drape the soap "fingers" over it. Your haunted house will be the best on the block! These are the spookiest towns to celebrate Halloween in America; is your town one of them?

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The perfectly spooky glow


Cast a creepy, Halloween glow across your entire yard with color-changing floodlights. More effective than a rotating light show, this device offers 16 color options, all controllable by remote. Alternate among flash, strobe, fade, or steady-on modes to achieve your desired effect. The device can be used to decorate for multiple holidays, with a simple change in color options.

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An alarming zombie

This zombie is coming for you! No outdoor graveyard scene is complete without this terrifying addition. Arrange it over a mound of leaves, and it looks like it's emerging from the ground. When trick-or-treaters and other unsuspecting guests approach, his eyes will flash a demonic yellow and he emits creepy groans. Not sure what to dress up as this year? Here are the 24 most popular Halloween costumes for 2019.

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Freaky floating body parts

These plastic "severed body parts" can be slipped into a liquid hand soap dispenser. Suspended in clear soap "embalming fluid," it will look like a creepy science experiment. Add an eyeball, ear, or finger to various soap dispensers around the house or drop all three into a glass lab beaker and tuck it away with the rest of the bottles on the beverage table; that'll give someone a scare!

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