Lawn and Garden Uses for Chicken Wire

Repel deer
Are the deer tearing up your garden again? Here’s a simple method to keep them away: Stake chicken wire flat around the perimeter of your garden. Deer don’t like to walk on it, and it is not an eyesore like a chicken-wire fence.

Crown catnip plants
If you are growing catnip for your cat, put a crown of chicken wire over the plant, close to the ground. As the catnip grows through the wire and gets eaten, the roots will remain intact, growing new catnip. Make sure the edges of the wire are tucked in securely. Catnip is a hardy plant, even in frigid temperatures, so if the roots remain, you will see it year after year. Keep pesky burrowing rodents from damaging your flower bulbs. Line the bottom of a prepared bed with chicken wire, plant the bulbs, and cover with soil.

Flower holder
Keep cut flowers aligned in a vase. Squish some chicken wire together and place it in the bottom of the vase before inserting the flowers.

Firmer fence posts
Before setting a fence post in concrete, wrap the base with chicken wire. This will make the anchoring firmer and the post more secure.

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