Lighter Fluid to the Rescue

Wipe away rust
Rust marks on stainless steel will come off in a jiffy. Just pour a little lighter fluid onto a clean rag and rub the rust spot away. Use another rag to wipe away any remaining fluid.

Get gum out of hair
It happens to the best of us, not to mention the kids. Gum in the hair is a pain in the neck to remove. Here is an easy solution that really works: Apply a few drops of lighter fluid directly to the sticky area, wait a few seconds, and comb or wipe away the gum. The solvents in the fluid break down the gum, making it easy to remove from many surfaces besides hair.

Remove labels with ease
Lighter fluid will remove labels and adhesives from almost any surface. Use it to quickly and easily remove the strapping tape from new appliances or to take stickers off book covers.

Take out crayon marks
Did the kids leave their mark with crayons on your walls during that last visit? No problem. Dab some lighter fluid on a clean rag and wipe till the marks vanish.

Remove heel marks from floors
You don’t have to scrub to remove those black heel marks on the kitchen floor. Just pour a little lighter fluid on a paper towel and the marks will wipe right off.

Rid cooking-oil stain from clothes
When cooking-oil stains won’t wash out of clothes, try pouring a little lighter fluid directly onto the stain before washing it the next time. The stain will come out in the wash.

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