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20 Projects That Will Actually Hurt Your Home’s Resale Value

Do your research before starting your new project.

Costly Projects

Just because you're doing some renovations and upgrades to your home, there's no guarantee your home will sell faster or you'll be able to sell for more money. While some projects will instantly up resale value, others can actually end up costing you in the long run. Here are 20 projects that may hurt your home's resale value.

Interior of a contemporary bathroomimaginima/Getty Images

Luxury bathroom

While an upgraded bathroom can add value to your home, steer clear of going too high-end if you're planning on selling soon. That freestanding or whirlpool tub may be your pride and joy, but a buyer may see it as a waste of space, according to Learn these 7 ways you're cleaning your bathroom wrong, and keep your bathroom (new or old) sparkling.


Bold or dark paint color

While you may be tempted to go bold in choosing a paint color, it's best to play it safe if you're getting ready to sell. According to Zillow, dark colors can be a turnoff to buyers. Instead, go with neutral and lighter tones that won't bother potential buyers and won't hurt your home's value. Not sure which color to choose? Discover the secret meaning behind these 7 paint colors.

dfh17sep044-10-1200x1200 glass bathroom tileketteimages/Shutterstock

Tacky tile

Tile can add value to your home if it's an on-trend style, if it's installed correctly and there aren't other outdated materials left behind in other rooms, according to Forbes. For instance, don't put an expensive tile in the mudroom if you still have old vinyl flooring in the bathroom or kitchen. And if you choose a tile that quickly looks dated, buyers may be turned off. Updating tile, with the correct pick, is one of the best home improvements, along with these 30 best home improvements.


Too much wallpaper

You may have some trendy wallpaper in your powder room or on an accent wall, but don't go overboard. Too much wallpaper and texture, according to MSN, can be overwhelming to some home buyers who see it as just another project they'll have to tackle if they buy your home. Do you need to remove an excess of wallpaper in your own home? Here are the top tips for removing wallpaper.


Over-done kitchen

Buyers want an upgraded kitchen, but renovating your kitchen and going high-end won't guarantee you'll get your money back when it's time to sell. A major kitchen remodel will get you about 59 percent of your investment back, according to a CNBC report. Instead, focus on parts of the kitchen that are the most worn or dated, such as flooring and countertops, and go for mid-range appliances if they are in need of an upgrade. Here are the cheap kitchen upgrades that really make a difference.

living room and kitchen with carpetYinYang/Getty Images

Carpet, carpet everywhere

New carpet can be an inexpensive upgrade if you're planning to sell, but hardwood has more bang for your buck when it comes to resale value. That's because, according to, homebuyers prefer hardwood. Buyers with allergies will also be looking for hardwood as it doesn't harbor dust like carpet does. Give your carpets a deep clean with these 17 homemade carpet cleaners.

bed. bedroom. gallery wall. lamp and night stand.KatarzynaBialasiewicz/Getty Images

Huge bedrooms

You may like big bedrooms, but that doesn't mean potential buyers will. If you combined two small bedrooms to make one big bedroom, you may turn off buyers who are looking for a home with more bedrooms to accommodate a growing family. The more bedrooms a home has, according to MarketWatch, the higher price it can usually command. Read about the 50 biggest regrets of first-time home buyers.

popcorn ceilingh.yegho/shutterstock

Textured ceilings and walls

Fancy textured ceilings and walls may seem like a simple way to make a room stand out, but if buyers don't like the texture, they may see it as just another time-consuming project they'll have to tackle. Think popcorn texture on a ceiling, which is now considered outdated. Instead, stick with textured accessories and decor. Here are the budget-friendly home decor ideas that make your home look more expensive.

screen porch afterFamily Handyman

Three-season porch/sunroom

Remodeling magazine notes the cost of the average sunroom comes in at about $70,000, yet the resale returns just over $33,000 to the homeowner. That's not much of a return! A sunroom can add lots of enjoyment to your home if you plan on staying there for several years, but it's not worth the cost if you plan on selling soon. if you like a good sun porch, consider staying at one of these charming bed and breakfasts next time you travel.

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