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15 of the Best Smart Home Devices That Are Worth Every Penny

Tech experts dish on the genius products that might just change your life. They're easy to set up too—if you can use a smart phone, you can have a smart home.

Every product is independently selected by our editors. If you buy something through our links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Philips Hue White Smart Bulbvia

Smart lighting

You know to use LED bulbs to save energy. Now take it to the next level with the Phillips Hue Light Bulbs. Put the bulbs in your lamps, connect the Hue bridge to your wi-fi router, download the Hue app on your phone, and you can control when and which lights go on and off and dim them—all without having to get out of bed or off the couch or when you're not home. For security, you can set it to turn lamps on randomly when you're away. It will even let you use your bedside lamp to wake you by mimicking a sunrise.

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Flo Smart Home Water Monitoring and Shutoff Systemvia

Smart plumbing

This may not be what you think "smart home gadgets", but it is absolutely a must-have on our list of the best smart home devices. The Flo water detection system gives you peace of mind in case a pipe bursts, a tub leaks, or your basement gets flooded during a storm. In fact, 60 percent of users discover a leak they didn't know they had when they install Flo. It monitors your water use, identifies leaks, and sends alerts to your phone when there is a problem and automatically shuts off the water for you.

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Echo Show Bundlevia

Home assistant

The Amazon Echo Show is everything you love about your Amazon Alexa but with video capability, so you can ask Alexa to show you a recipe, watch live TV and sports, or see who's at the front door. You can even make video calls with loved ones, simply say "Alexa, call cousin Emily" to be connected with a family member who lives across the country. You can also enable "Drop-in" for your closest friends and family. Just say, "Alexa, drop in on my daughter" to start an instant video call.

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Smart Sprinkler Controllervia

Smart landscaping

Never get a dry patch of grass on your lawn again. The Rachio Smart Sprinkler lets you input plant type and sun exposure to give your yard the optimal water it needs. In addition, its Rachio Weather Intelligence feature automatically adjusts your watering schedule based on local weather conditions, so if rain is in the forecast, your Rachio will water less. Rachio is good for your wallet too, saving you up to 50 percent on your water bill. It works many smart home platforms, including Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Beware: these are the things that could be spying on you in your own home.

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Robomow lawn mowervia

Smart lawnmower

Why spend a perfectly nice summer day mowing your lawn when the Robomow RS612 can do it for you? Like the Roomba for your floors, the Robomow "reads" the perimeter of your lawn and automatically cuts grass to your desired height. It can handle slopes of up to 20 degrees and switches off when it's done. It's quiet too. No need to worry about it when you're out, as you can control the Robomow right from your phone. Use the time you've saved to start that beautiful garden you've been dreaming out. Next, don't miss the 40 coolest tech gifts you'll want to keep for yourself.

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