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Happy Birthday, Facebook!

On February 4, we’ll celebrate ten years of people posting unintentionally funny status updates from their office cubicles when they should be working. Here are some of the crazier ones:

• STATUS: My baby boy is officially one year old!!!! Can’t believe it’s already been 656 days!


• STATUS: Craving food I don’t 
have. My first world problem 
this morning.

COMMENT: Well, it’s kind of 
a third world problem too.


• STATUS: I think about him 31/7 cause he’s on my mind even when I’m sleeping.

COMMENT: There’s still 24 hours in a day when you’re sleeping.

STATUS: Wait, huh?


• STATUS: Dear Facebook, Thanks for informing me it’s my wife’s birthday today. Do you know what would be more useful?!?! Some kind of warning system ... i.e., notification that it’s her birthday in a few days!