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Halloween Jokes for Kids

On Halloween in many neighborhoods, it's customary for children who go trick-or-treating to have to "earn" their treats by telling a funny joke or two. From classic knock-knock jokes to funny puns to ridiculous riddles — the type of jokes kids like and can recall and retell vary according to their age. As a child's sense of humor grows, so does the fun. Toddlers like wordplay and sing-song repetition, while kindergartener's will experience a growing appreciation for the truly ridiculous. Suddenly jokes, puns, and riddles seem utterly hilarious to them. Grammar-school kids appreciate longer jokes that tell a story, and they have the sophistication to deliver a punchline that's timed for maximum laughs. Jokes that have a Halloween theme, such as skeleton jokes, are particularly fun for kids to learn. Here are some examples of Halloween jokes that will appeal to little monsters of all ages.