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Home Sickness

More than once I have had my brain paralyzed by what psychiatrists call Old House Delusion Disease (OHDD). My wife and I bought an old house that had every known old-house problem, including termites, not to mention a grand total of one closet, and an entire room that had no electrical outlets -- a clear indication that the house was not built by or for people with a need for, say, lighting.

Macho, Macho Man

Humor columnist Andy Simmons tries to get reacquainted with his macho side.

Itching for a Fight

Humor columnist Andy Simmons attacks poison ivy.

Customer Service

Thank you for calling VeriCom Customer Care. Your call is important to us, though not as important as it is to you.

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And There’s the Rub!

The whole spa concept is foreign to me. I don't cleanse my face; I wash it. I don't "release toxins" or parole them or give them time off for good behavior. Mary Roach on spas.

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A Kiss Is Just a… Pain

"The French kiss each other twice, perhaps because no one else will."

Bug Off

"One pesticide company tries to make ant death seem like a holiday in France. They have a product called Ant Cafe."

The Naked Truth

"A bikini is not so much a garment as a cloth based reminder that your parts have migrated."

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