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    August Holidays and Observances to Celebrate Year After Year

    Celebrate August holidays, from National Friendship Day and National Golf Month to International Cat Day and more

    This Is the Real Reason Pill Bottles Are Orange

    That ubiquitous amber color serves a surprising—and surprisingly important—purpose. Who knew?

    These States Have the Most Polite Airline Passengers

    Who's most likely to give you the armrest on a flight? Who won't recline their seat without asking first? We're...

    This Is What the Code on Your Milk Jug Means

    Moo-ve over expiration dates. There's another important code on your milk carton.

    15 Polite Habits Fast-Food Workers Actually Dislike—and What to Do Instead

    Sometimes our good intentions can miss the mark when we're trying to be helpful at a fast-food restaurant. Here's what...

    Here’s Why Soda Cans Are Beveled on the Bottom

    Save your manicure! Cracking open a cold can of soda just became a whole lot easier.

    New Study: This Polite Phrase May Soon Be a Thing of the Past

    It turns out that saying "please" isn't as common—or polite—as you think. Here's what the experts say.

    12 “Polite” Ways You’re Talking About Grief That Are Actually Hurtful

    Grief can be hard to talk about. Here's what to say when you don't know what to say.

    8 Sudoku Tips for Beginners, According to Experts

    With the right tips, tricks, and strategies, anyone can learn to play Sudoku

    19 Etiquette Mistakes You’re Making at the Doctor’s Office

    From eavesdropping on other patients to using speakerphone in the waiting room, our experts share the worst doctor's office etiquette...

    How to Get Over Being Cheated on—And Begin Anew

    The pain is finite—take it from someone who has been there. Here's how to pick yourself up off the floor,...

    Can You Go to Jail for Collecting Rainwater?

    It's fine in most states, but some have stricter rules!

    12 Thesaurus Jokes Grammar Nerds Will Appreciate

    Feeling qualmish, ill, and peaky? You must be ready for a sick joke!

    30 Facts About Dogs That Will Change the Way You See Your Pup

    You know that dogs are amazing—but did you also know how fascinating they are? These facts about dogs will give...

    13 Polite Habits Pet Groomers Dislike—and What to Do Instead

    Your intentions may be good, but pet groomers would prefer you ditch these "polite" habits. Here's what the professionals have...

    10 Common Words That You’ll Only Find in English

    From cheesy to cool, all other languages borrow these indispensable terms from us!

    How to Play the Latest New York Times Game Connections

    Test your brain power with this addictive new game from the New York Times—and find out the best strategies for...

    How Late Is Too Late to Cancel Plans? 12 Tips from Etiquette Experts

    From weddings to birthday parties to happy hour with friends, our experts share exactly what you need to know about...

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    33 Math Puzzles (with Answers) to Test Your Smarts

    Who says math can't be fun?! Try these math puzzles for a delightful challenge.

    If You Have One of These Rare Barbies, It Could Be Worth More Than $27,000

    Check your attic to see if your old Barbie could be worth a small fortune!

    I Took an All-Electric Road Trip in California—Here’s What Surprised Me the Most

    Not sure what to expect on an EV road trip? For starters, these eco-friendly cars are faster and more powerful...

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    12 Logic Puzzles That Will Test Your Smarts

    It might not seem like there's enough information to solve these logic puzzles at first—but that's part of the fun!

    Where to Donate Books: 14 Places to Donate Used or Unwanted Reads

    Here's where to donate books to make a difference in your community and around the world

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    20 of the Hardest Words to Spell in the English Language

    The English language is full of words that seem overstuffed with unnecessary letters, feel like they should be spelled a...

    10 Wedding Invitation Etiquette Rules Brides and Grooms Should Follow

    These essential wedding invitation etiquette rules will help you spread the word that you are getting hitched—without a hitch

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    What Those Colored Circles on Food Packages Actually Mean

    Wondering what those colored circles on food packages really mean? The answer is more technical than you might think.

    15 Trivia Questions Only Coffee Lovers Will Get Right

    Think you know beans about coffee? Quiz yourself and see how many of these coffee facts you can answer correctly.

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    America’s Most Scenic Small-Ship and River Cruises

    Looking for a cruise a bit closer to home? These American river cruises offer opportunities on tributaries, bays, lakes, and...

    23 Email Etiquette Rules You Still Need to Follow

    Email etiquette rules change as fast as technology—make sure you stay on top of them!

    “Historic” vs. “Historical”: What’s the Difference?

    While they both deal with the past, historic and historical aren't interchangeable words. Choose wisely with these simple tips.

    Scallions vs. Green Onions: What’s the Difference?

    Are these vegetables actually the same thing? Here's everything you need to know.