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A Psychologist Explains Why We React So Strongly to Celebrity Deaths

Don't let anyone give you grief for mourning a celebrity's death: It's perfectly normal and natural, say mental health experts.

How Astronaut Scott Kelly Wards Off Feelings of Isolation

The pandemic is taking a serious toll on our mental health. Here are a few tips on surviving this crazy...

I’m a Therapist. Here’s How I’m Staying Sane During Coronavirus Quarantine.

We're experiencing a mental health crisis in this country right now.

One Teacher’s Genius Strategy for Addressing Students’ Mental Health

Nearly one in five school-aged kids in the United States have struggled with a mental health disorder and countless more...

13 Suicide Warning Signs That Are Easy to Miss

Death by suicide is on the rise, and it's affecting young and old alike. Learn the subtle signs that someone...

I Called A Suicide Hotline Once—Here’s Why I Hung Up

Here's what people with suicidal thoughts really need to hear, instead.

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10 Silent Signs Your Dog Is Depressed

While dogs can’t tell you exactly what they’re feeling, they can still show behaviors similar to human depression. If your...

13 Signs You’re Dealing with a Psychopath

The word psychopath might evoke the image of a serial killer or fictionalized villain, but knowing these psychopathic signs can...

10 Habits of People Who Never Get Stressed

You know that saying, "You want something done, give it to a busy person"? There's truth to it. So what...

American Farmers Die by Suicide at Nearly Twice the Rate of the General Population—Here’s How ...

Mike Rosmann devotes his life to helping struggling farmers live theirs.

10 Quirky Habits That Seem Weird, But Are Actually Totally Normal

If you've ever wondered if it's normal to engage in certain behaviors when you're alone, mental health experts want you...

10 Ways Your Home Is Causing You Anxiety

Don't underestimate the power of your home and its decor on your mental wellness. Find out if your home is...

This Common Medication Could Help Treat Dementia

The discovery that depression meds slow the build up of plaques could point the way to effective treatments down the...

14 Magic Phrases to Instantly Calm Your Anxiety

When your mind is racing with all your stressors and fears, take a deep breath and repeat one of these...

Your Medication Could Be Making You Depressed

Did you know that depression and suicidal thoughts are a side effect of more than 200 common drugs? If you've...

16 Hilarious Ways to Laugh More Every Single Day

There is an epidemic of Seriousness. Innoculate yourself against doom and gloom by... listening to drunk people explain history and...

6 Weird Compulsions That Are Totally Normal—and 4 You Should Worry About

For example, is it weird to avoid hugs at all costs?

If You Like This Type of Music, You Just Might Be a Psychopath

Pop culture portrays psychopaths as frequently liking classical music, but is this true?

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Getting Less Sleep Could Actually Make You Happier, According to Science

Snoozing could definitely be losing—especially when it comes to your mood.

Kate Middleton Has an Important Message for Everyone Who Struggles with Their Mental Health

Princess Kate has teamed up with a charity to make a difference. Watch her powerful video, where she sums up...

7 Ways to Feel Like You’re On Vacation All Year Long

If there were a way to live life more like you were at a retreat than stuck in a rut,...

What Psychologists Wish Parents Knew About the Hit Show “13 Reasons Why”

The drama has gotten rave reviews, but themes of teen depression and suicide has drawn fire. Here's what experts say...

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7 Essential Oils That Calm Anxiety (And How They Do It)

Distilled from shrubs, flowers, trees, roots, and seeds, essential oils quell anxiety better than some medications.

Scientists Just Pinpointed a Schizophrenia Gene, Which Means New Treatments Are Imminent

The C4 gene is a huge jump on the path to find a cure for schizophrenia.

How to Prevent Suicide in 50,000 Texts a Day, Thanks to a Lifesaving Crisis Hotline

Aaron answered a text message from a 19-year old woman who wrote she was feeling hopeless. Aaron, a veteran who...

A Depressed Mother, A Lonely Daughter, and Mrs. Reese, the Neighbor Who Changed Their Lives

My mother refused to let me play next door. Breaking the rules made all the difference.

5 ‘Helpful’ Comments You Should Probably Erase From Your Vocabulary

Do your depressed cousin or unemployed friend a favor: Leave these gems of advice unsaid.