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So you think you’re a whiz kid? Test your genius skills with these fun (and challenging) brain games. Your mind will thank you.

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8 Sudoku Tips for Beginners, According to Experts

With the right tips, tricks, and strategies, anyone can learn to play Sudoku

How to Play the Latest New York Times Game Connections

Test your brain power with this addictive new game from the New York Times—and find out the best strategies for...

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33 Math Puzzles (with Answers) to Test Your Smarts

Who says math can't be fun?! Try these math puzzles for a delightful challenge.

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12 Logic Puzzles That Will Test Your Smarts

It might not seem like there's enough information to solve these logic puzzles at first—but that's part of the fun!

60 of the Best Riddles for Kids: Can You Solve Them?

Put on your thinking cap for these riddles for kids! Find all the answers from the easiest riddles for kids...

The “Legs on the Floor” Riddle: Can You Solve It?

Don’t get tripped up by the viral "legs on the floor" riddle

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UNO Confirms You’ve Been Playing the Game Wrong Your Entire Life

If you're familiar with UNO, you know how widely contested the rules are.

The “Penny Has 5 Children” Riddle: Try to Solve the Viral Riddle

Penny has five children and a penchant for giving her kids some rather unusual names. You know the first four,...

Can You Pass the World’s Shortest IQ Test?

These questions even stumped students at Yale and Harvard

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How Many Triangles Do You See in This Puzzle?

How many triangles can you find?

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16 Math Riddles Only the Smartest Can Get Right

You might want to break out a calculator, because it takes a genius to solve these tricky math riddles

How to Win Connect 4 Every Time, According to the Computer Scientist Who Solved It

Ready to discover new expert-approved Connect 4 strategies? Learn how to win Connect 4 and conquer your opponent every time.

How Many Numbers Are on a Clock? Try to Solve the Viral Riddle

If you've got the time, we've got the riddle. And it's time for a riddle about time: How many numbers...

The Best Horror Board Games for Halloween

Stock up on the best horror board games for a fun and frightening game night!

There’s Now a Wordle Board Game to Break Out at Your Next Family Night

Turn off the touchscreen with the physical Wordle board game. Happy guessing!

Word Power Vocabulary Quiz: Words With “Cent”

Match the word to its correct definition to test your Word Power.

Word Power Vocabulary Quiz: Proper Names

Match the word to its correct definition to test your Word Power.

Word Power Vocabulary Quiz: Fact vs. Fiction

Match the word to its correct definition to test your Word Power

Can You Ace This U.S. State Capitals Quiz?

We'll go easy on you—only 20 questions. See how you do!

Scrabble Has Added 500 New Words—Find Out What You Can Now Play

Merriam-Webster has updated its official Scrabble dictionary with playable words like vax, guac, welp, vibing and others

27 Dark Riddles That Challenge Your Morbid Curiosity

Take a stab at these dark riddles that are to die for!

Brain Games, Puzzles and Quizzes

From brain-busting riddles to fun quizzes, this selection of fun brain games, quizzes and puzzles will keep you entertained for...

How to Use WordleBot to Master Wordle

The New York Times WordleBot will take your Wordle game to the next level. We explain the tool's new upgrades.

35 Easter Riddles That Will Have You Hunting for Answers

Hop right on up and get your fill of these super fun Easter riddles!

20 of the Most Challenging Jigsaw Puzzles You Can Buy

Experts say that challenging puzzles activate new parts of your brain to help you solve them. Here are some of...

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Which One Doesn’t Belong? Try to Spot the Image That’s Different

Which one doesn't belong? See if your eyes can spot the difference!

What Is Wordle—and How to Win, According to Experts

Wordle is part strategy, part luck, and a bit addictive!

19 Christmas Brainteasers You’ll Love Unwrapping

Take a break from holiday shopping and decorating to solve these tricky Christmas brainteasers

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103 Christmas Riddles for Guaranteed Holiday Cheer

Test your knowledge of Noel—the fun way—with these Christmas riddles.

Word Power Vocabulary Quiz: Book-Related Words

Match the word to its correct definition to test your Word Power.

Word Power Vocabulary Quiz: Hidden Critters

Match the word to its correct definition to test your Word Power.