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Proper etiquette isn’t a hoity-toity thing of the past, but rather something we should all be aware of for everyday life. Whether you’re curious about current etiquette rules or etiquette mistakes that you should avoid at all costs, you’ve come to the right place

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112 Words of Encouragement to Help Someone Get Through a Tough Day

We could all use a boost sometimes, and the right words of encouragement and support can make more of...

How to Write a Thank-You Note to a Teacher That Will Mean So Much

A well-crafted, heartfelt thank-you note to a teacher can become something they treasure for years

This Is How Much to Tip Your Movers

Packing up your life and heading to a new location? Here's how, when and how much to tip movers.

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How Much Should You Tip Your Dog Groomer?

Taking your dog to the groomer soon? The fur may fly if you don't tip! Here's why, when and how...

What Is Tipflation? What You Should Know About the Increase in Tipping

Digital payments on touchscreens are leading to tipflation, but do we have to tip everytime?

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100 Heartfelt Engagement Wishes to Celebrate the Happy Couple

Is there something new and shiny in your loved one's life? Once you're done screaming for joy, we've got the...

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Here’s How Much You Should Spend on an Engagement Ring, According to Experts

You want the moment to be amazing, so don’t let the question of how much to spend on an engagement...

100 “Good Morning” Messages That Will Wake Them Up with a Smile

Looking for the perfect way to make someone's day brighter? From funny to heartwarming to supportive, these "good morning" messages...

100 Good Night Messages and Texts Anyone Would Love to Receive

Whether thoughtful, funny, comforting or loving, these good night messages will send your loved ones off to sleep with a...

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Do You Need to Tip Uber Drivers? Ride-Share Tipping, Explained

An Uber ride will likely be much nicer and more convenient than a traditional cab, but should you tip your...

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Should I Propose Before or After Dinner? Here’s What the Experts Say

As they say, timing is everything! Proposing at the right time will make the moment even more magical—and make you...

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How to Apologize Like You Mean It

Apology experts name four main things to consider before you say "I’m sorry"

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101 “Thinking of You” Messages That Will Make Anyone Smile

Looking for the perfect way to tell someone that they're on your mind? From funny to heartwarming to loving, these...

100 Sweet Baby Shower Wishes to Send Expectant Parents

Toys break and diapers end up in the trash, but these thoughtful baby shower wishes will be treasured forever

100 Belated Birthday Wishes That Show How Much You Care

Missed an important birthday? Don't panic! These belated birthday wishes for friends, family and colleagues will ensure you're forgiven.

100 Happy Retirement Wishes: Messages for Co-Workers, Friends and Family

These retirement wishes will let someone know you're thinking of them as they celebrate this major milestone

12 Things Good Hosts Always Do—and 9 Things They Don’t Bother With

Here's how to host a party so that your guests are happy, your party is memorable—and you're not crazy by...

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The Best Thank You Messages to Show Your Appreciation

When a simple "thank you" isn't enough, these thank-you messages will convey just the right sentiment

100 Congratulations Messages That Are Perfect for Any Occasion

Looking for the right words to show just how happy you are for someone? These congratulations messages will do the...

100 Condolence Messages That Offer Sympathy

Don't be so afraid to say the wrong thing that you end up saying nothing at all. These condolence messages...

100 Get Well Wishes: Simple Messages to Show You Care

Whether you want to go with something funny, serious, loving or empathetic, these perfectly crafted get well wishes will show...

100 Lovely Wedding Wishes to Write in a Wedding Card

These sweet, thoughtful and funny wedding wishes will strike just the right note

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100 Happy Anniversary Messages: The Best Wedding Anniversary Wishes

When it comes to finding the right words for an anniversary message, a little inspo never hurt

Every Type of Wedding Guest Attire, Explained

Not sure how to interpret those confusing dress codes? We've got you covered with the proper wedding guest attire for...

What Knee Do You Propose On, and Why?

Turns out, the explanation for this engagement tradition may stem from an actual knight in shining armor.

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If You See These 11 Behaviors, Your Dog Might Need Obedience Training

A little help can go a long way with everything from poor leash manners to general nervousness—and ensure that your...

What Is Business Casual? A Guide to Dressing for the Office

Office wear today is far from the stuffy attire of the past, and once you know what business casual is,...

Do You Know How Much to Tip? Test Your Tipping Etiquette

See if you can answer these tricky questions on tipping and find out if you've been giving the right amount...

Here’s How Much to Tip Hotel Housekeeping

Etiquette experts reveal tipping advice for hotel stays, including when, how, and how much to tip housekeeping.