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Proper etiquette isn’t a hoity-toity thing of the past, but rather something we should all be aware of for everyday life. Whether you’re curious about current etiquette rules or etiquette mistakes that you should avoid at all costs, you’ve come to the right place

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Plano, TX

People say that the kids these days have no manners -- well, that's just not true in Plano, where they're...

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12 Times the Royal Family Broke Their Own Protocol

Just a reminder that the royals are human like the rest of us.

8 People Reveal Their Most Embarrassing Email Mistake Ever

An estimated 205 billion emails are sent every single day. With so many opportunities to put the wrong email address...

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10 Essential Social Etiquette Secrets You Should Know If You Can’t Take Etiquette Classes

You already know that good manners are important, but you many not want to shell out the cash to learn...

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12 Vow Renewal Dos and Don’ts Everyone Needs to Follow

Before you send out your vow renewal invites, check out these do's and don'ts to create a memorable and heartfelt...

The 100 Greatest Compliments You Could Ever Give or Receive

A little love goes a long way with these uniquely personal compliments

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This Is the Only Polite Time to Leave a Party, According to an Etiquette Expert

Admit it: At some point, we have all secretly wondered.

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13 Potluck Etiquette Rules to Memorize Before Your Next Party

Potlucks are a wonderful and informal way to gather with friends and family but just because it's casual doesn't mean...

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8 Times Etiquette Dictates You Should Send a Handwritten Thank-You Note

Before you say, "It's the thought that counts," here are the eight instances when you should mail a physical note!

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9 Rules About Eating Japanese Food That You Must Follow

The etiquette rules for Japanese dining go far beyond "no elbows on the table." Here's what you need to know...

The Definitive Guide to Tipping Around the World

Avoid ruffling feathers while traveling the globe by learning customs for tipping around the world.

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All Your Bathroom Etiquette Questions—Answered!

We all know to flush and wash our hands, but what about the not-so-obvious rules of the bathroom? Here's the...

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Airplanes Are Now Giving Out “Yellow Cards”—Here’s What That Means

Let's face it: Flying might as well be considered a sport, considering how much effort it takes just to get...

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This One Magic Phrase Will Stop Gossip in Its Tracks

Rumor has it you’re trying to stop badmouthing people.

14 Social Media Moves That Could Completely Sabotage Your Career

Don't put that dream job or promotion in jeopardy! Here's how social media affects your job opportunities—and how you can...

11 Etiquette Rules You Need for Dealing with Death on Social Media

The digital age makes it easy to share everything all the time—which can be problematic when someone passes. From knowing...

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How to Politely Decline an Invitation in Any Situation

Sometimes you have to—or simply want to—say no. Here’s the right way to decline an invitation to limit hurt feelings.

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13 Etiquette Rules You Need to Know Before You Book a Spa Day

To bare or not to bare? Is saying “Ouch!” considered rude? Does the treatment room have to be so cold?...

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8 Unspoken Etiquette Rules for Using a Public Restroom

Using a public bathroom isn't just an exercise in being quiet and using your leg muscles to hover elegantly—it's also...

16 Things Every Parent of Young Children Desperately Wants You to Know

Parents of young children have more on their Mickey Mouse-shaped plates than ever before. Between play dates, doctor's appointments, and...

11 Things to Never Post About Your Relationship on Social Media

When it comes to social media and relationships, less is definitely more. Here’s what experts say should stay offline.


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13 Social Media Etiquette Rules You Really Need to Stop Breaking

Sitting in front of a screen is a freeing feeling, but just because you can say what you want doesn't...

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7 Etiquette Tips for Dealing With a Cheap Friend

Need help dealing with a friend who’s tight with their cash? Take these tips from Jodi RR Smith, nationally recognized...