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Are you ready to be mind-blown? This crazy collection of facts will have you thinking, “I can’t believe I didn’t know this!”

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    6 Countries with the Longest Lunch Breaks in the World

    Americans, read this and weep: Workers in these countries get two to three times as long for their lunch breaks....

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    15 Crimes That Will Never Ever Get Solved

    Cases can go cold for a variety of reasons, and when they do, it's incredibly frustrating. But it looks like...

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    The Real Reason You Love Watching Those Pimple-Popping Videos

    What will the internet reveal about us next? How about the fact that pimple-popping videos are all the rage? There's...

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    12 Bizarre Secrets from the World’s Biggest Businesses

    From Walmart to McDonald's, these major corporations have some secrets hidden in plain sight that help you save more—and spend...

    3 Things You Must Do During a Tornado

    When a tornado warning is issued by the National Weather Service office you could have just minutes to react. Here's...

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    13 Unsolved Mysteries Easily Explained by Science

    Everyone loves a good mystery—everyone except scientists, that is. Here are their perfectly rational explanations for some truly bizarre mysteries.

    7 Ways a Left-Hander Has Advantages Over a Right-Hander

    Scissors and computer mouses might not be built with them in mind, but lefties still get the last laugh sometimes.

    6 Bizarre Things That Happen When It’s About to Storm

    Even when you can't find a weather report, nature gives its own signs that a downpour is on its way.

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    Pop Culture Facts to Have Ready for Trivia Night

    You may think your brain is already brimming with entertainment knowledge. Your friends call you a walking, talking International Movie...

    The Real Reason We Call 911 in Emergencies

    This three-digit number has a grisly origin.

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    10 Scientific Mysteries We Take for Granted

    Most of us know that the Big Bang hasn't been totally figured out and black holes are pretty confusing, but...

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    13 Moon Mysteries That Scientists Are Trying to Figure Out

    Even though it's right there above us, close enough to visit, scientists still have a lot of questions about Earth's...

    Can You Spot All 14 Iconic Constellations In These Pictures?

    People have been seeing stories in the night sky for thousands of years—once you learn to find some landmark stars,...

    10 Bizarre Human Body Features You Didn’t Know Existed

    Superheroes may only exist in comics and movies, but some of these regular human abilities definitely qualify as superpowers.

    13 Things Your TV Weather Forecaster Won’t Tell You

    Here's a prediction: You'll get more accurate insight from your five-day forecast with these secrets from local weather reporters.

    13 HQ Trivia Questions People Always Get Wrong

    In the world of the wildly popular trivia app, HQ trivia, savage questions—those impossible ones that wipe out the majority...

    10 Number Facts You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

    Ever wonder why February has 28 days or bank PINs have four digits?

    7 Unluckiest Days Around the World

    Friday the 13th is just a starting point. Find out why the 8th, 9th, 17th, and more weekdays match the...

    6 Facts You Never Knew About Your Own Money

    Are you current on our currency? Test yourself on these money facts below.

    10 Ways to Avoid Death by Freak Accident

    A vending machine overturns. A tree suddenly splinters. 
A generator emits toxic gas. Random accidents like these end 120,000 lives...

    At These Libraries, You Can Check Out Seed Packets Alongside Books

    You can borrow packets from the library and grow your garden—and then share your own seeds from the best of...

    13 Secrets About Bedbugs, Termites, and Other Creepy Pests

    Get the inside scoop from pest control on what you should know before making an appointment and how you can...

    The Sneaky Way Thieves Can Break into Hotel Safes

    The fact that it’s called a safe doesn’t mean it keeps your stuff safe all the time.

    These 10 Secrets of Scandinavians Are Why They’re So Healthy

    When you think Scandinavia, do you conjure up images of vigorous rosy-cheeked people, filled with energy and optimism? Who doesn't?...

    The Scientific Basis for Popular Folklore That Predicts the Weather

    Before television, computers and smartphones, people predicted the weather based on observation and tradition. It’s hard to know if some...

    9 Weird Facts You Never Knew About Laughter

    You'll get a chuckle from this trivia about one of our most ancient forms of expression and communication.

    If You Solve This Math Problem on the First Try, You Might Be a Genius

    This equation may seem simple at first, but it’s way harder than it looks.