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    8 Favorite Food Characters

    Snack on these fun facts and tasty trivia about classic American food characters and mascots.

    Confusing Medical Acronyms, Decoded

    When dealing with doctors, don't be embarrassed to ask about abbreviations, especially if they involve a medication or procedure; they...

    Odd Facts About 7 Iconic American Products

    The history of these products you know and love will surprise you.

    How Fat Is Your State?

    A nationwide Gallup poll examining obesity rates for the first half of 2011 reveals which of the nation’s 50 states...

    How to Deal With Negative People Who Bring You Down

    Negative people are an unfortunate fact of life but we can learn to react to them in ways that protect...

    What Are Pollen Counts?

    New technologies allow us to quickly and accurately determine how many grains of a specific pollen or mold are found...

    6 Nutty and Intriguing Discoveries

    These new prize-winning discoveries will surprise you.

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    What to Do in the Event of an Earthquake

    If You’re Outside a Building… Run to an open space. Quickly move away from buildings, trees, overhead wires, or anything

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    Does Your Child Really Need Hearing Aids?

    Most kids prescribed hearing aids do in fact need them, but if you suspect auditory neuropathy, this is why you...

    5 Eyesight Myths Dispelled

    Check out five common misunderstandings about how our eyes work.

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    How to Drive in Fog

    As well as reducing visibility, fog causes drivers to lose the sensation of speed by muffling sounds and blotting out

    Hot Collectibles to Cash In On

    What's your stuff worth? Here's a list of the most valuable collectibles.

    Can You Cook Like the Pros?

    If you're curious about the tricks, the techniques, the few simple tools that can make your plates look as if...

    Is the Way to Your Wallet Through Your Nose?

    A new billboard in North Carolina sporting a nice juicy steak is the first to use a new scent-based marketing...

    Is ADHD Hereditary?

    Genes are the "blueprints" for who we are. Could they also be the determinant for developing ADHD?

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    Cherry Tomatoes Filled With Creamy Pesto Cheese

    Bring these colorful, bite-sized appetizers to your holiday parties. You can keep the fact that they are healthy a secret!

    13 Things Your Bank Won’t Tell You

    Get smarter about banking with tips from the financial services industry.

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    Why Are TV Commercials So Loud?

    It's not you. Those television spots really do sound much louder than the programs they interrupt. Here's why.

    How Dad Can Raise Your Risk

    If your mom or her sisters never got breast cancer, you don’t have to worry, right? Wrong.

    So, Just How Millennial Are You?

    On a scale of 1 to 10, how high would you rank?