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If You See Red Paint on the Ground, This Is What It Means

It's an important spot for the entire neighborhood and anyone passing by!

This Is the World’s Stinkiest Fruit—and Why It Smells So Bad

It may smell like sweaty socks, but it's also considered a delicacy

140 Clever Trivia Team Names for the Win

Coming up with winning trivia team names feels nearly as good as besting the competition

This Is One of the Rarest Facial Features in the World

People with heterochromia have a striking and unique appearance. Are you among them?

100 Horror Movie Trivia Questions to Test Your Scary Flick IQ

Scary movie buffs, this one's for you. See how many horror movie trivia questions you can answer correctly about slashers,...

If You See a Boot on a Fence, This Is What It Means

Turns out, ranchers hang their boots up because it carries a special symbolism

These Are the Rarest Birthdays in the United States

How popular is your day of birth? Celebrate the rarest birthdays—and the most common!

Here’s What It Means If You See Green Lights on a Car

We know red lights are for fire trucks and blue are for law enforcement, but what on earth does it...

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Here’s What That Hole in Your Coffee Bag Is For

Being able to smell the beans is just an added perk!

What’s the Difference Between a Cyclone, Hurricane and Typhoon?

Which of these terms you use has more to do with where in the world you live than anything else.

Can You Ace This U.S. State Capitals Quiz?

We'll go easy on you—only 20 questions. See how you do!

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This Is the Rarest Eye Color in the World

What determines the shade of your peepers? Experts weigh in on the rarest eye color in the world—and the genetics...

What Is Sriracha, Exactly?

We'll splash sriracha on, well, just about everything. We unpack exactly what makes this spicy sauce so darn good.

This Is Why You See Those Colored Balls Hanging on Power Lines

They're strung across electric wires all over the country. But just what are the balls on power lines for? We...

This Is Why Traffic Lights Are Red, Yellow and Green

There's a perfectly good explanation for those familiar traffic light colors

Netflix’s New Trivia Game “Triviaverse” Is Perfect for Quick Fun

Netflix's new trivia game is the streaming platform's latest offering in interactive entertainment

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100 Animal Trivia Questions That Will Test Your Smarts

Test your knowledge of the animal kingdom with these fun, educational, and exciting trivia questions.

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51 Geography Quiz Questions People Always Get Wrong

Even geography buffs are stumped by these trivia questions. How many can you get right?

Food Quiz: 25 Questions to Test Your Culinary Smarts

Hungry for a food quiz? Test your smarts (and your stomach) with some food-related trivia questions.

36 Hidden Messages in Company Logos You See All the Time

What do Apple, Amazon, Baskin Robbins, and Toblerone have in common? They have hidden messages in their logos—here's what they...

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120 Disney Trivia Questions Only True Fans Can Answer

Whistle while you work ... on this Disney trivia quizzer about Mickey and Minnie, Disney movies and more

20 Earth Day Facts You Should Know

We hope these Earth Day facts help raise environmental awareness—and the importance of taking action now

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50 Science Trivia Questions People Always Get Wrong

If you can answer 50 percent of these science trivia questions correctly, you may be a genius.

25 Fun Facts About Pi Your Math Teacher Might Have Missed

Learn these interesting facts about pi before Pi Day on March 14

Pi Day: How Pi Was Almost Changed to 3.2

Pi as we know it could have changed forever, thanks to a late 19th-century bill introduced in Indiana

Who Invented Pizza? The Delicious History of Pizza Pies

Not only is pizza one of the most popular foods in the world, but it also has a fascinating history.

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Why Do Justices Wear Black Robes?

We looked back in history to figure out why Supreme Court justices wear black robes—and where the tradition of robes...

What Is Umami, Exactly?

You know sweet and salty, sour, and bitter. But do you know what umami is?