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Are you ready to be mind-blown? This crazy collection of facts will have you thinking, “I can’t believe I didn’t know this!”

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How Many People Are There in the World?

In honor of the United Nation's World Population Day, we take a look at some useful facts about the planet...

11 “Facts” About the Civil Rights Movement That Aren’t True

Separating fact from fiction isn’t just important from a historical perspective—it’s also essential in winning today’s fight against racial injustice.

This Is Why the British Drink So Much Tea

Making tea is the British response to every situation, from birthdays to bad news. But how did this small island...

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15 Things About Black History Month You Didn’t Learn in School

From the first African American to fly across the country to the first Black presidential candidate, there's a lot you...

18 Things You Think Are Illegal but Aren’t

It may come as a surprise, but all of these things are legal in the U.S., at least in some...

24 Astronomy Facts You Never Learned in School

From a bar in the clouds to finding more water from the Moon, outer space is constantly surprising us.

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10 Biggest Unsolved Mysteries About Planet Earth

From the water that covers most of it to the moon that orbits it, here are some bizarre things about...

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11 Strange Things Presidents Have Banned from the White House

Current and former Commanders in Chief have been picky about what's allowed on the property.

15 Things People Get Wrong About Impeachment

Thanks to recent events, we're learning a lot more about the process of impeachment, including what's in the Constitution and...

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13 Unlikely Jobs U.S. Presidents Held After the White House

You can’t accuse these former presidents of resting on their laurels once they left office.

15 Trivia Questions Only Coffee Lovers Will Get Right

Think you know beans about coffee? Quiz yourself and see how many of these coffee facts you can answer correctly.

12 Martin Luther King, Jr. “Facts” That Just Aren’t True

Think you know everything there is to know about the civil rights legend’s life? Here’s the truth behind some common...

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The Smallest Town in Every State

Think you live in a small town? These places give a whole new meaning to the concept.

14 Bizarre Things the Government Actually Has the Power to Do

The United States is known as the "land of the free"—but how free are we, really? Here are some strange...

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How Much Do You Know About Our Constitution?

Test your knowledge about the important historical document that established America's system of government.

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How Many People Actually Signed the Constitution?

The U.S. Constitution put in writing how the government of the United States should operate. Read on to find out...

10 Accidental Discoveries That Changed the World

From penicillin and anesthesia to saccharin and silly putty, chance played a major role in some of the world's great...

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31 Things You Probably Never Thought About—Until Just Now

You know all those little mysteries that you stop to ponder but forget to look up? We get to the...

30 Little-Known Words That Will Help You Win Scrabble

Memorize these to be a winner every game.

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Where Does the Vice President Live?

The vice president lives in a white house—no, not that one!

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25 Facts You Learned in School That Are No Longer True

You don't want your kids to think you're a dinosaur—bring your knowledge up to date with these new facts.

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45 Facts You Never Knew About America’s First Ladies

Which first lady flew a plane with Amelia Earhart, or was reported dead by a Beijing newspaper? Keep reading to...

Why Is Coffee Called a Cup of Joe?

There are several different theories!

The Real Purpose Behind Those Diamond Patches on Backpacks

Turns out, it's a surprisingly handy tool you haven't been using.

This Is Why Americans Love Ice in Their Drinks and the British Don’t

You won't typically find a glass of water with ice on the other side of the pond.