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Are you ready to be mind-blown? This crazy collection of facts will have you thinking, “I can’t believe I didn’t know this!”

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    Why September Is the Most Popular Month for Birthdays

    Nine of the ten most common birthdays are in September. Is yours one of them?

    Why Do We Use Zip Codes?

    Did you know each digit has its own purpose?

    9 Animals That Aren’t as Dangerous as You Think

    It turns out, sharks and other scary creatures aren't actually that deadly.

    21 Weird Ways the World Changes in Autumn

    The weather isn't the only thing that changes.

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    5 Traits You Didn’t Know You Inherit from Mom (and 4 You Inherit from Dad)

    Here's why men can't blame their mothers for their receding hairline anymore.

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    25 Science Facts You Never Learned in School

    These strange but true facts prove the world really is a marvelous and mysterious place.

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    19 of the Strangest Unsolved Mysteries of All Time

    Get ready to have the hair on the back of your neck stand on end because these unsolved mysteries are...

    Here’s Who Decides What Goes on a Postage Stamp

    Believe it or not, there's a whole committee dedicated to stamp design.

    11 Fascinating Facts About One World Trade Center

    One World Trade (formerly known as the Freedom Tower) has become an architectural and emotional force in Lower Manhattan. Here's...

    21 Fascinating Images of Everyday Objects Under a Microscope

    Even the simplest objects can be incredibly complex.

    This Is What Hurricane Categories Really Mean

    Hurricanes are dangerous no matter the category, but there's a major difference between a tree branch snapping and that entire...

    This Is Why All Hurricanes Spin the Same Direction

    And you'll never see one below the equator.

    The U.S. States Most Prone to Natural Disasters

    Driven by climate change, natural disasters across the United States are getting more extreme, more costly, and more deadly.

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    Why Dollar Stores Are So Cheap

    Seriously, how do they manage to sell everything from pregnancy tests to picture frames for just a dollar? We uncovered...

    This Is What Happens to Undeliverable Mail with No Return Address

    You can file a claim if your mail has gone missing, though.

    Why Are They Called Buffalo Wings If They’re Made from Chicken?

    Rumor has it they were the invention of a resourceful mom with a hungry kid.

    23 Things Your Mail Carrier Won’t Tell You

    Postal workers from around the country reveal the secrets of their profession and why mail is still the country's best...

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    What Could Happen if the U.S. Postal Service Stopped Delivering Mail

    It would mean more than the end of the Restoration Hardware catalogs...

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    Do Viruses Spread at the Gas Pump?

    Viruses can live up to 72 hours on gas pump handles, keypads and other high-touch surfaces in public spaces. Here...

    20 Common Hair Myths That Are Ruining Your Hair

    Just because you've heard it a million times doesn't mean it's true! Separate fact from fiction to get the luxurious...

    Where Do Subway Trains Go When They’ve Retired?

    All aboard as we crack this case!

    Why Do We Eat Birthday Cake?

    Hint: It has to do with the Ancient Greeks!

    This Is the Bank with the Worst Reputation in America

    It's more than just poor customer service when it comes to ranking the bank with the worst reputation in America.

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    100 Things Turning 100 in 2020

    2020 has been a tough year for us all, but these milestones are something to celebrate! Happy Birthday to the...