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Are you ready to be mind-blown? This crazy collection of facts will have you thinking, “I can’t believe I didn’t know this!”

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    Can You Guess the Country from Its Capital City?

    How well do you know the world's capital cities? This quiz will put your geography trivia to the test.

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    Why Is it Called a Hamburger If There’s No Ham?

    The hamburger has traveled around the world to get to where it is today with a namesake to remind us...

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    Here’s Why Elevators Have Those Small Holes

    Ever wondered about the little hole in the elevator door? Us, too.

    12 Snapple Cap “Facts” That Are Actually False

    Some Snapple facts are pretty mind-blowing, so mind-blowing, in fact, that they don’t seem true.

    This Is Why Washington, D.C. Isn’t a State

    It's closer to statehood than ever—but why wasn't it a state in the first place?

    15 Most Expensive Mistakes Ever Made

    Everybody makes mistakes, but some are more high stakes than others. The next time you goof up, remember it can...

    The Literal Translation of Every State Name

    Royals, homelands, and Native American words are just some of the inspirations behind state names.

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    Why Do We “Say Cheese” When Taking Pictures?

    “Say papaya!” just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

    15 Most Chilling UFO Sightings Ever Recorded

    If you're a skeptic, these 15 creepiest UFO sightings will make you believe. If you already believe, prepare to get...

    10 of the Most Controversial Statues and Monuments Around the World

    Think again before you snap a photo with these iconic monuments.

    75 Mind-Blowing Facts You’ll Think Are Made Up (But Aren’t)

    Polar bears aren't white, strawberries aren't berries, and the Earth isn't round—we'll have you rethinking everything you thought you knew...

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    The Stories Behind the Most Mysterious Places in the World

    Despite decades, or in some cases, centuries, of trying, these fascinating mysteries surrounding these mysterious locales have never been solved.

    This Is Why Americans Say “Soccer” Instead of “Football”

    You're not going to believe who turned us onto this phraseology.

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    Can You Guess the U.S. State from Its Abbreviation?

    You probably know the abbreviation for the state you live in—but what about the other 49? Of course, some state...

    30 Pieces of Random Trivia That Might Just Come in Handy

    Not only are these bits of random trivia fascinating, they also might come in handy from time to time.

    19 Lies You Were Told as a Kid—That You Probably Still Believe

    These long acknowledged "facts" are anything but. We'd bet that you believed all of these lies—until today.

    Where to Find Anti-Racism Books That Are (Thankfully) Now Sold Out

    Educating yourself is the first step in getting conversations about racism started to make changes in our country. Don't use...

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    Why Money Is Green and Other Colorful Facts You Never Thought About—Until Now

    Ever wondered why wedding dresses are white, bubble gum is pink, and prize ribbons are blue? We found out the...

    13 Things You Never Knew About Commencement Speeches

    The word commencement isn’t the only relic from graduation ceremonies of yore. We’ve also kept the caps, the gowns, and,...

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    “Toward” or “Towards”: Which Is Correct?

    Does that one little "S" change the meaning? Or do these words in fact mean the same thing?

    12 Amazing Asian Americans You Didn’t Learn About School

    Kick-off Asian and Pacific Islander American Heritage Month by learning about some of their incredible contributions.

    What Exactly Is Space Junk—And Can It Be Cleaned Up?

    Litter isn't just a problem here on Earth.

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    12 Ways Past Epidemics Changed Everyday Life in America

    From beauty standards to home design, previous health crises had a major influence on the modern world.

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    20 of the Most Surreal Natural Phenomena—Explained

    Why "shooting star" is a misnomer, what a moonbow is, and more strange natural phenomena.

    How Do Viruses Get Their Names?

    Yes, there's a serious scientific process for naming viruses. The name that sticks, though, is a different matter.