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Ever gotten called out for the difference between you’re and your? We’ve all been there–and we don’t ever want to go back. These insightful and interesting grammar articles will turn you into a word whiz quicker than you can blame autocorrect for your grammar faux pas.

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20 Dog Puns That Will Give You Paws

Time to unleash the ruff stuff when it comes to puns! Like a dog with a punny bone, we await...

Here Is Every “Word of the Year” Since 2000

To qualify as a potential “word of the year,” terms must be newly popular, widely used, and reflective of regular...

17 Famous Company Names You’re Actually Pronouncing All Wrong

Most businesses could not care less how you say their name as long as you spell your name correctly on...

The Real Reason Brits and Americans Spell “Color” Differently

Hint: It has to do with the American Revolution.

17 Common Food Names You Probably Pronounce Wrong

Fact: 100 percent of people pronounce "sriracha" wrong.

14 American Sayings That Don’t Make Sense Outside the United States

When are cows coming home? And you want my what?! You never realized how silly these sayings sound to people...

16 Everyday Phrases with Surprisingly Dark Origins

They say the devil is in the details...

13 Everyday Abbreviations and Where They Came From

We use these abbreviations all the time without realizing what they mean (and that some of them actually don't even...

11 International Idioms That Sound Downright Hilarious in English

If you think English idioms sound weird, try wrapping your mind around these strange phrases from other countries.

9 Spelling and Grammar Mistakes Spell Check Won’t Catch

There are some human errors that only humans can catch.

10 Trendy Words You Throw Around But Probably Don’t Understand

Who's not a woke, dystopian dotard these days? Not sure what that means? You're far from alone. Here's a round-up...

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14 Hard Words to Pronounce in the English Language

With about 20 vowel sounds, 25 consonant sounds, and numerous irregularities in spellings and pronunciations, English can be a tricky...

10 Ways You’re Still Using Apostrophes Wrong

Its or it's? 70's or 70s? Here's how to tell.

These 13 2018 Dictionary Additions Are the Hardest Words to Spell and Pronounce

Get ready, wordies! That's the new word for word-lover, but not all the new terms added to the dictionary this...

There Used to Be Six More Letters in the English Alphabet!

You thought you knew your ABCs, but our alphabet used to have a total of 32 letters instead of the...

25 Words That Can Make You Instantly Funnier

Cut the malarkey. A few seconds with these words, and you'll be the funniest slangwhanger in all the land.

7 Common Words That Mean the Exact Opposite of What You Think

"Outlaw," "scan," and "irregardless"... you're using them all wrong.

17 Company Names That Have Secret Meanings

Ingenuity, chance, and even a typo led to the names of some of the world's best-known brands.

15 Common Words That Used To Mean Completely Different Things

There was a time when 'Girl' meant 'Boy,' 'Bully' meant 'Sweetheart,' and 'Fizzle' meant 'Fart.' Let's return there together.

22 Words and Phrases You Had No Clue Originated in the Military

The term "feeling blue" originated in the Navy. Who knew?

16 Spelling Rules You Should Have Memorized

If you've been tripped up by "embarrassed," "necessary," or "rhythm," you're not alone. Use these tips to never misspell these...

10 Types of Words You Never Knew Had to Be Capitalized

Is it french fries or French Fries? Or maybe French fries? These are the rules you always wonder about when...

10 Almost-Extinct Words You Should Start Using Right Away

Whenever the dictionary gets updated, some words face the chopping block. If you would be sad to see “skedaddle” skedaddle...

The Best Free Grammar Check Programs Online

Making mistakes in work emails or sending a presentation in which you've confused "your" and "you're" isn't fun—and it makes...

11 Adjectives Everyone Should Use More Often

Some have been pushed to the back of your vocabulary. Others are just plain fun to say. Either way, these...

11 British Words and Sayings That Everyone in the World Should Know

Oscar Wilde once said, "We have really everything in common with America nowadays except, of course, language." Here is your...

25 Homophones People Confuse All the Time

Homophones are two words that have the same pronunciation but different definitions and spellings. Read on to ensure that you...