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    Everything to Know About the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade 2022

    The annual event marks the Thanksgiving holiday and kicks off the Christmas season. Here's when and how to watch it.

    34 Best Pieces of Thanksgiving Trivia to Wow Your Dinner Guests

    You may know Thanksgiving as a day off from work filled with good food, football, and loved ones—but there is...

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    125 Interesting Facts About Practically Everything

    These random fun facts will entertain, enlighten, and totally blow your mind.

    This Is What Those Numbers on Your Glasses Mean

    The numbers on your eyewear are more important than you think.

    If You See a Purple Porch Light, This Is What It Means

    People use colored lights to bring awareness to a variety of different issues. Here's the meaning of purple porch lights.

    9 Best Plant Subscription Boxes for a Greener, Happier Home

    Give the gift of greenery all year long.

    Walmart and Gap Just Collaborated on an Affordable Furniture Line—Here’s What to Shop

    Classic Gap Home styling is finally coming to furniture—and OMG, it's selling at Walmart!

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    How to Clean Stainless Steel Appliances So They Sparkle

    Once you know how to clean stainless steel, those streaks, smudges, and stains will be ancient history.

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    Should You Get Your COVID-19 Vaccine and Flu Shot on the Same Day?

    What's the safest COVID-19 vaccine and flu vaccine spacing per the CDC? Here's what experts say about those and other...

    15 Best Mattresses for the Soundest Sleep of Your Life

    Whether you lie on your back, side, or stomach, these top-quality mattresses provide the foundation for a sound night's sleep.

    Where Does the Saying “Tie the Knot” Come From?

    Before tying the knot, learn where this phrase really came from.

    When Is Thanksgiving 2022, and Why Do We Celebrate It?

    There's a lot more to this popular holiday than handprint turkeys and pumpkin pie. Here's what to know going into...

    What Does “Auld Lang Syne” Really Mean?

    Historians call it “the song that nobody knows.” And yet we’ve all tried to sing it on New Year's Eve....

    The 12 Chinese Astrology Signs and What They Mean for You

    What's your Chinese zodiac sign? The animal associated with your birth year reveals a lot about your personality and the...

    11 Best Boxed Beds to Buy, According to Sleep Experts

    A mattress is an important purchase (you spend about a third of your life in bed!), but choosing one has...

    If You See Paint on Trees, This Is What It Means

    Seeing blue dots, red Xs, orange circles, and purple bands on trees and wondering what they mean? Here's what we...

    50 Trick Questions Guaranteed to Leave You Stumped

    Put on your thinking cap and try answering as many of these trick questions as you can—don't be shocked if...

    15 Podcasts Guaranteed to Make You Feel Smarter

    Get smarter in your spare time with these educational and entertaining podcasts.

    If You Have Frost in Your Freezer, This Is What It Means

    Freezer frost isn't just unsightly. It can impact food quality, cause a nasty odor, and even weaken your freezer's efficiency....

    How to Write a Heartfelt Thank-You Note

    There's no secret formula for how to write a thank-you note, but these tips will help you get started.

    70 DIY Christmas Ornaments That Will Make Your Tree Extra Special

    These DIY Christmas ornaments will help you deck the halls and trim the tree to perfection this holiday season.

    I Swapped My Car for an Electric Bike for One Week—Here’s What Happened

    Could riding an electric bike instead of driving save time, money, and stress? We tried it for a week to...

    Why Do We Say “Piqued My Interest”?

    The word "piqued" has more meanings than you might think!

    40 of the Hardest Tongue Twisters in the English Language

    How many of these hard tongue twisters can you say without stumbling?

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    I Tried Wad-Free in My Laundry and It Made Washing Sheets So Much Easier

    I run six loads of laundry each week. This cut my bedding's drying time by nearly half.

    How to Decorate for the Holidays, According to Your Zodiac Sign

    Which zodiac sign always creates an impeccable seasonal display? And which is totally tacky (and loving it)? Find out how...

    8 Easy Ways to Get Rid of Static in Clothes

    If you're wondering how to get rid of static in clothes and you don't have dryer sheets on hand, this...

    Here’s When You Should Use an Apostrophe

    An apostrophe is not an accessory. Here are examples of how and when to use an apostrophe—and when you definitely...

    100 of the Most Uplifting Quotes Ever

    When it feels like the world is against you, let these wise words lift your spirits and inspire you to...