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Can Dogs Get Coronavirus?

With pictures of dogs donning face masks popping up in newsfeeds, some pet parents are on edge. But is the...

16 Ways Women Still Aren’t Equal to Men

Why it's better than ever to be a woman—except for these little imbalance issues the world still needs to work...

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How to Get a Refund If a World Crisis Forces You to Cancel a Trip

Unable to travel due to coronavirus or any other world event? Here's how and when you can cancel.

One Major Way the Coronavirus Is Affecting Construction

The coronavirus has found a way to make an impact on the construction industry in the United States, but maybe...

13 Weather Terms You’ll Need to Know This Year

Do you know a derecho from a Chinook wind? We're here to explain the difference between these two—and other wild...

8 Animals “Discovered” in 2019

Climate change is wreaking havoc on animals the world over, but there's still some good news.

13 Things You Didn’t Know About Wildfires

We're about to answer your most burning questions about why, when, and how wildfires happen.

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Why Even Hate Speech Needs to Be Protected

Being able to tell people what they may not wish to hear must extend, above all, to those who think...

American Towns That Used to Be Poor but Are Now Rich

These cities gone from bust to boom thanks to their thriving arts scenes, vibrant downtown digs, and more.

Taking in Refugees Could Have Increased Hostility—Instead, Something Beautiful Happened

To take city children and move them to the countryside, and place them in homes where only English was spoken,...

What Freedom Means to Me—From a Man Who Wrote the Book on Fanaticism

America is still an ideal country for people who want to realize their capacities and talents... A chance to grow,...

Journalist Who Witnessed Nazi Horrors Firsthand Said It Could Happen Here

The story of the rise of Nazism in Germany is the story of a people who lost their moral sense...

How Much of Our Time Should Politics Take?

Today most political coverage consists of minute analysis, while talk of culture has shriveled. Absent other attachments, some have fallen...

To This Doctor’s Immigrant Patients America Still Stands for Freedom

To those fleeing violence and torture in their native countries, America still stands for the freedoms that made us great—and...

When Anti-Semitism Showed Up, This Whole Town Responded

"Silence is acceptance," said the Billings police chief. "Billings should stand up and say, 'Harass one of us and you...

Top Doctor Awards Named Me a “Leading Physician” for Just $99, but I’m a Journalist

Got $99 lying around? 
You can be named a “leading physician.”

What Could Happen If Glaciers Continue to Melt

Once upon a time, we couldn't have imagined a world without ice. But as we're watching glaciers melt before our...

14 Islands in the Bahamas You Can Still Visit

Hurricane Dorian delivered a frightening Category 5 blow to the Bahamas' outer islands of Grand Bahama and Abacos the beginning...

10 Islands You Can Still Visit in Hurricane Season

Although no Caribbean destination is completely hurricane-proof, these gorgeous islands come closest to being year-round tropical paradises.

The Nicest Place in Mississippi: Jourdan River Estates

Hurricane Katrina wiped out 58 of the 60 homes here. But the town’s back with a bang, celebrating their recovery...

The Most Popular Destination This Summer May Surprise You

New research shows that Americans are searching for flights to one sunny destination in droves this summer say the experts...

13 Things You Never Realized Were Shrinking

For better or worse, these things are getting smaller and smaller—and you probably haven't even noticed.

13 Polar Bear Facts You Never Knew

The world's largest four-legged predators are great swimmers, walkers, and hunters, but climate change is rapidly changing their way of...

Here’s What People in New Orleans Actually Think of Mardi Gras

Find out what locals really think about their world-famous holiday.

13 Coolest Scientific Discoveries of the Year

From new planets to DNA breakthroughs to whale earwax, 2018 has been filled with fascinating scientific stories.

The One Thing Natural Disaster Survivors Wish They’d Done Differently to Prepare

If you're in the path of a hurricane or another natural disaster, what's the one thing you should always do?...

How to Become a Vegan: 12 Tips from the Experts

Whether you're giving up animal products for the sake of your health, animal rights, climate change, or any other reason,...