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    How to Eat Lobster Without Wasting Meat—or Making a Huge Mess

    Ready to crack open that crustacean? Learn how to eat lobster the right way—we promise, it doesn't have to be...

    14 Perfectly Worded Texts to Send Someone with Depression

    Not sure what to say when someone is depressed? These little texts can make a big impact.

    What Is an “Irish Exit”—and Is It Considered Rude?

    Bailing from a bash? Here's what etiquette experts say about an Irish exit and when the farewell gesture is accepted.

    Hands Off: 5 Everyday Things That Get Dangerously Hot in Extreme Heat

    Just how hot can everyday objects get during a heat wave? And how can you protect yourself? Here's what the...

    How to Complain Politely—and Get What You Want

    Turn your grumbling into your gain! With these expert-backed tips on how to complain, you'll get what you want without...

    Move Over, Wordle! Connections from the New York Times Is Your New Word-Game Obsession

    Test your brain power with this addictive new game from the New York Times—and find out the best strategies for...

    This Is What a Nail Tech First Notices About You

    From the polish you choose to the state of your cuticles, nail techs are gathering valuable intel during an appointment

    These Are the Rarest Colors on Earth

    You may think you know your color wheel, but the stories behind these rare colors just might blow your mind

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    35 Text Abbreviations You Should Know (and How to Use Them)

    Knowing the meaning of these terms will keep anyone with a phone, social media or even just web access from...

    The Surprising History of Ketchup

    Sure, ketchup is a beloved condiment in America today, but ketchup's origins are actually ancient. Discover the surprising history of...

    Why Reef-Safe Sunscreen Is the Only Type of Sunscreen You Should Buy

    Protecting your skin from the sun's harmful rays shouldn't come at the expense of underwater ecosystems. But what is reef-safe...

    13 “Polite” Ways You’re Talking About Disability That Are Actually Rude

    Disability is a delicate topic, but these tips will help you approach it in a way that's caring and considerate...

    13 Annoying Habits That Could Be Sabotaging Your Friendships

    Two experts share the seemingly small things you're doing that could have a big impact on your friendships—and what to...

    Why Do We Laugh? The Science Behind Laughing, According to Experts

    There's way more to our giggles and guffaws than simply thinking something is funny. We asked a laughter expert to...

    What Is a Beige Flag?

    We all have one!

    What Does Bussin Mean—and 9 Other Words in the Brand-New African American English Dictionary?

    There’s a new dictionary in town, and it’s about to give you a better understanding of the words you...

    This Is What Your Uber Driver First Notices About You

    Your Uber driver notices some pretty personal things about you right away. Here's what you need to know about...

    I’m a Drag Queen—Here’s What Really Happens at a Drag Queen Story Hour

    Instead of fearing the unknown, learn what drag queen story hour is really all about

    “Peek” vs. “Peak” vs. “Pique”: Here’s How to Use Them the ...

    Peek, peak and pique all sound the same, so here's how and when to use them correctly

    10 Polite Habits Dinner-Party Hosts Actually Dislike—and What to Do Instead

    Dinner-party etiquette can be surprisingly tricky. Here’s how to avoid some common missteps with your host.

    Here’s What Happens If You Don’t Wash Your Feet, According to a Doctor

    It may not seem like the most important body part to scrub in the shower, but a doctor cautions that...

    This Is What a Bartender First Notices About You

    Do bartenders really judge you based on your drink order? Find out the answer to that question, along with...

    The Real Reason We Cry on Airplanes

    It's not just that emotional movie making you tear up.

    So You Got a Bad Haircut—Here’s What to Say and How to Fix It

    Don’t leave the salon in tears. These expert tips will help you handle a bad haircut and deal with...

    If You See Red Paint on the Ground, This Is What It Means

    It's an important spot for the entire neighborhood and anyone passing by!

    There’s a Pasta Crisis In Italy—Will Prices Be Affected in the U.S.?

    In Italy, the pasta crisis is so bad that the government called a special meeting to address skyrocketing prices, up...

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    I’m a Hurricane Chaser, and These Are the 7 Most Dangerous Mistakes People Make in a Storm

    Don't throw caution to the wind! Josh Morgerman, host of Mission: Hurricane, explains common mistakes that could put you in...

    This Is the World’s Stinkiest Fruit—and Why It Smells So Bad

    It may smell like sweaty socks, but it's also considered a delicacy

    14 “Polite” Ways You’re Talking About Aging That Are Actually Rude

    From "you look great for your age" to "the elderly are so cute," our well-intended words can sometimes miss the...