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12 Everyday Expressions That Are Actually Racist

Next time you catch yourself about to drop any of the following phrases, think again. There are far more racially...

A Black High-School Athlete Was Denied Entry into a Tournament—And This Was the Response of His Friends

They were just kids, but they understood what the right thing to do was.

10 Things You Should Wear (and Bring) to a Protest

Protesting is a way to exercise your rights and have your voice heard. Make sure to wear (and bring) these...

My White Friends Want to Help—Here’s What I Tell Them

Being a better anti-racist requires a good heart and a tough exterior.

14 Small Ways You Can Fight Racism Every Day

Think you can't make a difference every single day? You can. Here's how.

Why You Should Stop Saying “I Don’t See Color”

This statement probably doesn't mean what you think it does. We got an award-winning documentary filmmaker to tell us why.

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13 LGBTQ+ Heroes You Didn’t Learn About in History Class

These brave men and women fought for equality and acceptance and forged a path ahead for the LGBTQ+ community.

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Why Even Hate Speech Needs to Be Protected

Being able to tell people what they may not wish to hear must extend, above all, to those who think...

Taking in Refugees Could Have Increased Hostility—Instead, Something Beautiful Happened

To take city children and move them to the countryside, and place them in homes where only English was spoken,...

What Freedom Means to Me—From a Man Who Wrote the Book on Fanaticism

America is still an ideal country for people who want to realize their capacities and talents... A chance to grow,...

Journalist Who Witnessed Nazi Horrors Firsthand Said It Could Happen Here

The story of the rise of Nazism in Germany is the story of a people who lost their moral sense...

To This Doctor’s Immigrant Patients America Still Stands for Freedom

To those fleeing violence and torture in their native countries, America still stands for the freedoms that made us great—and...

When Anti-Semitism Showed Up, This Whole Town Responded

"Silence is acceptance," said the Billings police chief. "Billings should stand up and say, 'Harass one of us and you...

A Deaf Woman Wants to Be a Nurse. Can a School Deem Her Unfit for the Job?

You be the judge: Can a nursing school dismiss a hearing-impaired person because they say she's not able to care...

5 Judges Who Will Erode Your Faith in the System

Most jurists warrant our respect. Then there are those who shake public trust.

80 Powerful Black History Month Quotes That Will Inspire You and Move You

Learning about Black History Month can be inspirational, and the quotes below are sure to move and motivate you.