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    Which Pen Is Made for the White House?

    If you have ever worked for an American government institution, you've used this pen. Know what it is?

    You be the Judge: The Case of the Kid and the Cash

    An unmarried, absent father dies at work. Does his company have to pay to support his child?

    You’ll Never Believe Who Invented the Super Soaker!

    The Popsicle, the super soaker, the kevlar vest ... some of the craziest invention stories ever.

    How to Catch a Liar

    Pamela Meyer, the nation's best-known expert on lying, explains how to sniff out the truth in a world of lies.

    How and Why We Pray

    Organized religion may be losing members, but prayer is more popular than ever. A look at the myriad reasons why.

    The Best Life Advice Comes From the Muppets

    It's not easy being green—but these wise words on life, love, and happiness will get you through the bad to...

    Quick: How Does This Picture Make You Feel?

    “Too often, when people walk into a museum, they secretly think, 
I can’t see the point of this,” says bestselling...

    Profile in Courage: The Firefighters

    In June 2013, 19 Granite Mountain Hotshots lost their lives fighting one of the worst wildfires in American history.

    When Lightning Strikes a Golfer, Is the Course Responsible?

    The caddie master learned of lightning in the area and set off in a cart with the club pro to...

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    What If Mozart Was Your Life Coach?

    Born on January 27, 1756, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a child prodigy who later became a cultural icon. Follow his...

    How a Brisket Recipe Helped Make My Mid-Life Boyfriend Fall In Love With Me

    Sometimes a midlife romance needs a little marinating, just like a good brisket recipe.

    Movie Trivia Game: Guess the Working Title

    Can you figure out which are the working titles for these blockbuster films?

    Benefits of Reading: Getting Smart, Thin, Healthy, Happy

    A love of reading can protect your brain from Alzheimer’s disease, slash stress levels, encourage positive thinking, and fortify friendships....

    Believe in Luck? These 9 Ordinary People Sure Do

    Coincidence? Divine intervention? A really good day? Whatever way you define luck, these people got it.

    Why We Copy People Around Us Without Even Realizing It

    Synchronizing isn't just for swimmers and ice skaters; you might be mimicking others without even realizing how or why.

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    Hidden Personality Traits Revealed Through Your Favorite Ice Cream Flavor

    If you think ordering vanilla means you're boring, see how personality traits are linked to your favorite ice cream flavor.

    6 Global Warming Effects That May Surprise You

    You might already think of global warming effects as melting ice, rising seas, stronger hurricanes. But it also means higher...

    6 Creative Ways to Save Endangered Languages Before They Disappear

    Each year twenty-five languages die out, but these groups are developing creative ways to keep other endangered languages from becoming...

    5 Words You’ve Been Using Incorrectly This Whole Time

    It's literally ironic when you use "literally" to mean "figuratively."

    Infographic: Why We Trust Certain Faces and Distrust Others

    Why do we trust certain people and distrust others? The key might be in these facial characteristics.

    Boston Bombing: An Emotional First Aid Kit

    Once again, senseless carnage has been visited upon the innocent. And once again, we are following the terrible events and...

    13 Songs for the Perfect Summer Playlist

    Go beyond the Beach Boys with our round-up of upbeat songs—plus learn the surprising music trivia behind each hit.

    Baseball Trivia: 9 Moments That Changed the Game Forever

    As the new baseball season gets underway, a look back at the deals, rule changes, and cultural shifts that shaped...

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    The Meaning of Sin: How Being Bad Is Good For You

    Modern science reveals a silver lining in even the blackest cloak of sin.

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    How the Brain Works With Google, GPS, and Other Technologies

    See how five technologies scramble your brain: GPS turns you into a terrible driver, Google mucks with your memory, texting...

    8 Wacky “We The People” Petitions That Actually Got Signatures

    We The People, whitehouse.gov's official online petition service, is America's new home for one-click democracy, where the Obama administration responds...