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We promise you there are no mind games here! Instead, come explore the incredible range of the human mind, from depression facts to happiness secrets.

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    ABC Is Airing a “Disney Family Singalong” Featuring All Your Favorite Tunes

    Put your glass slippers on, because ABC is bringing us The Disney Family Singalong with all kinds of classic songs.

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    7 Ways to Unwind That Don’t Involve Cocktails or Cookies

    Add these healthy ways to ways to de-stress without food or drink to your self-care toolkit.

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    What Disney Parks Looked Like Through the Decades

    The Disney parks have changed a lot over the years, but the magical memories remain. Here's what The Happiest Place...

    25 Brain Teasers for Kids That Will Beat Boredom

    If the weather outside is bad, or your kids are already bored with all the toys they have, try out...

    What Are Microaggressions? 9 Subtle Insults You Need to Stop Saying

    Microaggressions can be complicated to spot and even more difficult to address because of their deep roots and even deeper...

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    A Body Language Expert Analyzes 13 Iconic Photos of Prince Charles and Princess Diana

    Find out what signals the doomed royal couple were secretly sending for years.

    The Nicest Place in Missouri: Thousand Oaks Subdivision in Parkville

    A community honors the memory of the local pyrotechnic master after tragedy strikes.

    The Psychology of How We Learn Prejudice: Are We Natural-Born Racists?

    Writer Chris Mooney was convinced he was unbiased and saw everyone equally—until a simple test proved otherwise. Here's, how we...

    31 Things Everyone Had in Their House in the ’80s

    Who can forget the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?

    20 Things Most of Us Think Are the Same—But Aren’t

    You're probably saying these things interchangeably.

    30 Pieces of Random Trivia That Might Just Come in Handy

    Not only are these bits of random trivia fascinating, they also might come in handy from time to time.

    50 Hidden Meanings Behind the Most Common Dreams

    Wondering what your dream last night really meant? Chances are, it doesn't mean what you think it does.

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    A Body Language Expert Analyzes 15 Iconic Photos of Queen Elizabeth

    Born to be a minor member of the royal family, Elizabeth II has become one of the most famous people...

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    Periodic Table Quiz: Can You Guess the Element from Its Chemical Symbol?

    How much did you remember from your high school chemistry class?

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    A Body Language Expert Analyzes 13 Iconic Photos of Prince William and Kate Middleton

    The "Babe Ruth" of body language has a lot to say about what the body language of the Duke and...

    Why We Need to Stop Using the Term “Guilty Pleasure”

    Go ahead and binge-watch some more reality TV. 
Our “lowbrow” indulgences aren’t so bad for us after all.

    25 of the Funniest Jerry Seinfeld Quotes

    A collection of hilarious and thoughtful quotes from 
Jerry Seinfeld, a generation’s favorite comedian.

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    What It’s Like to Work at a State Health Helpline During Coronavirus

    Unlike the virus hotline, Michigan's warmline was been created to help residents who are struggling mentally or emotionally during the...

    A Body Language Expert Weighs in on 11 Iconic Photos

    Think you know what's going on in these famous photos? Let's see what a body language expert has to say...

    Here’s Why Reading Aloud Is Good for Your Brain

    Reading aloud, even to other adults, yields surprising rewards.

    14 Meaningful Ways People Are Saying Thank You to Essential Workers

    Many Americans are finding ways to honor the bravery and sacrifice of essential workers during the coronavirus pandemic.

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    How This Travel Writer Is Satisfying Her Wanderlust From Home

    Just because we’re currently grounded, it doesn’t mean that we can’t explore the world virtually—and plan our next amazing trip.

    This “Periodic Table” Shows How Each Element Plays a Part in Our Daily Lives

    If you (or your kid) ever wondered why we need to learn about the periodic table, this is for you!

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    This Is How Curiosity Influences Our Decisions

    Here's how to avoid being clickbaited by your own brain.

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    10 Clever Ways People Are Celebrating Birthdays Under Quarantine

    While COVID-19 may have limited people's abilities to actively go out and celebrate their birthdays, that doesn't mean creative celebrations...

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    Why You Shouldn’t Feel Bad About Not Being Productive During Quarantine

    Productivity? Productivity? There's no productivity in quarantine!