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Magic Tricks Revealed, By Teller: 7 Ways to Fool the Brain

How do magic tricks work? Teller, of Penn & Teller, pulls back the curtain on human perception.

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4 Soothing Sounds to Beat Insomnia

Nothing gets me to sleep quite like rain on my window. So when skies are clear, I have to get

Protect Yourself from Alzheimer’s Disease

Worried about Alzheimer's disease? Here, four simple steps that may help stave off dementia and keep your memory strong.

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99 Ways to Tell a Story

Aside from my job at Reader’s Digest, I’m taking a class in Narrative Theory and Screenwriting. One of the books

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Memorable Pets for Alzheimer’s Patients

My beloved grandma Lil succumbed to ever-worsening dementia before she passed away from heart failure at age 90. Yet even

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New Research: How to Look Younger

Whether you can fool others about your age depends on a surprising mix of factors.

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Culture Digest: The Saddest Movie in the World?

Psychologists screened more than 250 of the saddest movies in front of 500 film buffs to find out which was...

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What’s Your Cupcake Personality?

Do you prefer to indulge in a decadent red velvet cupcake or prefer a chewy carrot cupcake as a treat?...

The Introvert’s Power

They probably wouldn't like to hear it, but introverts are having a moment in the spotlight as new research shows...

Cheer Up!

17 reasons it's a great time to be alive

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Are You Normal or Nuts?

Our annual analysis of the quirks, tics, foibles, and zany habits that make us all too human.

10 Tips for Finding True Love and Happiness

In their new book Love for Grown-ups: The Garter Brides’ Guide to Marrying for Life When You’ve Already Got a

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The Psychology of Boiling the Perfect Egg

Find out how to boil an egg based upon your personality.

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7 Tips for the Best Sleep Ever

Rock-a-bye baby You’ve done all the obvious stuff — cut out late-night caffeine, made sure your bedroom is dark and

How to Adjust to a New City You May Not Love

Millions of Americans move each year, but not always by choice. Here's how to make the most of your relocation...

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5 Memory Boosting Secrets From a Police Sketch Artist

How many times a week do we try to recall a fact that stubbornly eludes us, like where we put

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Fake Happiness Can Bring You Down

Fake smiles aren’t merely unconvincing—they can damage your mental health, says a new study in the Academy of Management Journal.

Why We Kick Ourselves When We Feel Guilty

The psychology behind that terrible feeling.

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ADHD at School: How Parents Can Work With Teachers

Tips from the National Institute of Mental Health for helping parents and teachers work together to ease the symptoms of...