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We promise you there are no mind games here! Instead, come explore the incredible range of the human mind, from depression facts to happiness secrets.

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12 Surprising Costs Every First-Time Home Buyer Needs to Know About

While there should be no hidden fees in the home-buying process (because that would be illegal), make sure you budget...

12 Millennial Entrepreneurs Who Started with Nothing—and Made a Fortune

Don't be discouraged if you have nothing right now. These millennial entrepreneurs started with nearly zilch and made it to...

Ask Yourself These 10 Questions to Discover Your True Passion

Would you like to feel inspired on a daily basis? Of course you would! These questions will help you find...

11 Winter Date Night Ideas That Will Keep Your Romance Toasty

Romantic nights out shouldn't be on hold until the weather cooperates. Winter date nights are a must for couples to...

This Is the Happiest Airport in the World

Spoiler: It’s not in the United States.

The 17 Most Inspirational Kids of 2022

They've created life-saving innovations, founded nonprofit organizations, and raised money for important causes all before reaching legal age. The future's...

This Is What a Gratitude Journal Really Looks Like

What are you grateful for? Bet it's actually a longer list, than you think. If you're wondering how keeping a...

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This Is How Dogs Get Humans to Fall in Love With Them, According to Science

They call them “man’s best friend” for a reason.

The 15 Best Things That Happened in 2017

2017 wasn't all bad! Here are some amazing feel-good stories from all throughout this year that'll lift your spirits. Keep...

How to Find More Meaning In Your Life, According to 5 People Who Did

Living a meaningful life can be different for everyone, but in these five incredible people found that what really matters...

The Best Essential Oil Scents for Every Room in Your House

Whether you're looking for a clean and crisp aroma for your bathroom or a relaxing and soothing scent for your...

This 10-Minute Morning Habit Burns 400 Extra Calories Every Week

Can't get to the gym in the morning? No problem. There's a creative way to fit your cardio in.

Smiling Really Is Contagious—and Here’s Why

Smile and the whole world really does smile with you. At least, that's according to the results of a recent...

4 First, Humble Jobs of CEOs That Will Remind You Anything Is Possible

When we encounter top industry leaders it seems as though they were always successful. The truth is everyone has to...

Top Photographers Choose the Pictures That Make Them Happy

We asked photographers to send us the one image that most says "happiness" through their lens; these are a few...

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Getting Less Sleep Could Actually Make You Happier, According to Science

Snoozing could definitely be losing—especially when it comes to your mood.

The Happiest States in America—Did Yours Make the List?

Feeling cheery? It may be because of where you live. Check to see if your state made the list of...

30 Photos That Will Make You Fall in Love with Country Life

Country magazine celebrates its 30th birthday with a tribute to life's simple pleasures.

This Grandma Found the Secret to Staying Close to Her Grandkids—Who Live 800 Miles Away

The tech-savvy grandma will have you rethinking your family reunions, guaranteed.

If You Want to Make Money, Don’t Pick Any of These College Majors

*Written by someone with a degree in the humanities.*

If You Hate Your Job, We Can Probably Guess Your Age

Don't worry, be happy (unless you're this age).

As Radio Producers, We Got to See a Whole New Side of Marilyn Monroe

We were impressed by Marilyn Monroe’s professionalism and sincerity when we interviewed her 
for our Army radio show in 1952.

How These 7 People Turned Their Hobby Into a Successful Career—and How You Can, Too

Thinking about quitting your day job and taking on your hobby full-time? Before jumping in the deep-end head first, here's...

21 Fun Photos That Prove Fall Is Every Child’s Favorite Season

Whether it's raking leaves, picking pumpkins, or dressing up on everyone's favorite spooky holiday, these photos are sure to get...