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    Life Found in Outer Space!

    Aliens!? Possibly...

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    Kivalina, Alaska: A Disappearing Town

    At the tip of a barrier island 80 miles above the Arctic Circle, the town of Kivalina, Alaska, is melting...

    Study: Should Men Get a PSA Test?

    Yes, prostate cancer screening saves lives, but does the test do more harm than good?

    The Road Ahead for Middle Class Families

    Being middle class is the very heart  of the American Dream. In practical terms, it's having a job (or two)...

    How Do Prescription Drug Prices Rise So High?

    How does a drug go from $15 to $1,440 a dose?

    More New Medical Breakthroughs

    These new discoveries will save countless lives.

    Consumer Alert: Don’t Be Fooled

    Phony check fraud is surging. Here's how to spot this scam.

    The Untouchables: Is Diplomatic Immunity Going Too Far?

    Is it time to change the legal practice?